61 Musings


Here we go.  A new year begins in a couple of weeks.  A new year in my life.  I’m turning 61.  My loving partner, Cee, is challenging me to just have fun with a blog, to write about anything that interests me, to try WordPress‘ Daily Prompts, to hang out, enjoy life and just stretch a little.  She sees me being interested in so many things… with so many musings that I can share with others.  Musings about life in general, my life in particular.  Hence the name of this blog.

It’s a scary challenge.  My life has become so serious in the last ten years.  Sometimes I think I’ve forgotten how to have fun.  It’s time to change all of that.  To laugh and smile more.  To have fun being just a little silly sometimes.  And that is what I’m going to do.  Anything that catches my fancy, that grabs my interest, that tickles my funny bone, that makes my heart sing or my spirit weep is going in here.  (It is still OK to be serious sometimes.)

Welcome to my world.  Enjoy the ride.



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