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Don’t you love how the Universe works when it drops interesting breadcrumbs in front of you?  Little tidbits that intrigue you into discovering something new?

Toemail was kind enough to like my Singing Bowl post, so I dropped by their place to see what was going on.  While browsing through their site (which is full of fun stuff, so be sure to check it out), I discovered the Africa Yoga Project.   What an incredible, joyous, powerful outpouring of love.  I don’t practice yoga, but I do practice Qigong, which is like a Chinese form of yoga, so I can understand how the practice of yoga can be so transforming.  What a brilliant idea the founder had.

Here is a report, including a video, from CNN that shows the joy and hopefulness that this project is creating in Kenya.

The New York Times also ran a photo essay about the project.  Scroll through and I guarantee your day will be uplifted.

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective.  Be the change you want to see in this world.

Namaste and many blessings!


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