Blogging is fun???

bloggingNowWhatI watch Cee, my clever spouse, having so much fun with her blog.  She has friends all over the world.  Seriously.  Stick a pin in the map.  We could fly there and have an instant tour guide to show us around.  Cee is on the third (I think) incarnation of her blog, switching themes and hosting services to make her readers’ experience more enjoyable.  They love her.

She cheats, though.  Photography bloggers have it easy.  People love looking at beautiful pictures.  Ditto with travel bloggers and all their pics of exotic places.  And even food bloggers, although I don’t so much want to look at pictures of good food and how to make it as much as I want the blogger to come to my house and make it for me.  Food bloggers give me, the “burn water” type of cook, a severe case of epicurean envy.

What if your passion is words?  Not so interesting.  You have to grab people in the first two sentences to keep them reading.  Words don’t have the instant gratification factor that pictures have.

I woke up this morning with this blog on my mind.  Major mistake.  I woke up at 4:19 (yes, I love being up before the sun).  It is now 6:38 and all I have done is drive myself crazy thinking about what to blog.  I have 26 tabs open in my web browser because I wanted to pull some interesting and fun factoids.  Not necessarily because I want to write about them, but because my mind loves to jump around all over the place and is intrigued by everything it finds.

So here is where I’ve been:

Why do people blog?  (Google it and see if anything resonates….)

Why do I want to blog?  (OK, nothing helpful is coming through…. I have too much to say…. Will anyone be interested?…. )

To write about my life?  (I already do that in my personal journal.   Why would I want to put that out for the world to see?  But there are things that would have meaning for others.)

To save the world?  (I would love to be one of those incredibly practical and gifted thinkers who come up with simple ideas that create worlds of good.  Like the Africa Yoga Project that I wrote about.  So I open another browser window to grab the link to that post…. completely forgetting that WordPress makes it easy to do that without having to open a new window.  Sigh! )

That got me thinking about Nobel Prize Winners like Wangari Maathai, a special inspiration to me.  She planted trees in Africa and helped change the world.  Wangari won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 “for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace”.  (Now I’m off and running… reading about the Nobel Peace Prize, seeing how many women have won it, amazed that there were years when they couldn’t find anyone qualified enough to receive it.)

I read about Bertha von Suttner, the first woman to receive the Peace Prize (1905).  I got curious about her signature writing, Lay Down Your Arms, and had to go out to Project Gutenberg to find an English copy of it.  All 456 pages have finally downloaded and I’ll enjoy reading it.  I imagine it’s full of the pompous and strident rhetoric of that era (1889), but it will be interesting to read nonetheless.

Then I got sucked in to reading the short bios of other women laureates and the trivia on the official Nobel site.  Fascinating stuff.

After that I googled (do we capitalize Google when we’re using it as a verb?) images of the Nobel medal to use in future blogs.  I also found images for this blog and other blogs on blogging.  I like having a little image to spark people’s interest in every blog.

Once you start looking at images you can go off on all sorts of flights of fancy (see how lucky photography bloggers have it!), so that got me thinking about mind mapping.  Wouldn’t this posting be even more interesting if I just drew you a mind map of where I had been this morning? I love the idea of mind mapping but mine always look so banal, so boring.  I am jealous of the people who can doodle and sketch their ideas in pictures.

I didn’t have any mind mapping software on this computer so I went out to the Apple store to grab an app.  Which was when I discovered I didn’t know my current password, which means that if I want to do any mind mapping I will either have to (a) reset my flipping password…. again or (b) do it on my mini iPad and send it over to this computer to include in this post.

So my now my morning tea is stone cold, my head is congested with a million fragments of interesting stuff that I want to know more about and I’ve gotten maybe a little bit closer to figuring out what can be fun about this whole silly thing.

Photography bloggers have it easy.

12 thoughts on “Blogging is fun???

  1. Oh man, love this. Also love a good mind map! My favorite thing to do in business was to be the person a the board drawing the map while people shouted out ideas…and I felt I was literally pulling ideas out of them! So unlike real life though. Also relable the open browser tabs…a power blip can send me into depression for days…all those ideas, the ideas…..great post!

    • Thanks, Jaye, for letting me know I’m not the only one out there who is an idea junkie. I hear you about the power blip. I’m learning to just Evernote as I go. That still leaves me with a ton of clipped articles, but at least I can get back to them.

  2. This is so you. That is why I wanted to you to blog. Just have fun like I do. But in your own way. I would say you did. This was fun to read.

    Photographers have to go out and get our photos, processes them if we have the software and then decide which ones out of hundreds and thousands to post!

  3. Thanks for my morning giggle, oh wait, it’s afternoon. I stayed up half the night trying to think of something to blog about, and wishing I had taken some photographs yesterday.

  4. I’m amazed that you went searching in all those different directions and still were able to write a post! Once my brain goes in too many different directions I can’t get it to focus again. Fun post – I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Chris, a lot of what you say resonates. Like you my other half blogs (well sort of… he’s a photographer like your other half). I agree, it’s so much easier to get content. I’ll be regularly checking in.

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