9 Best Reasons to Blog

blogOnIf you read my blog from yesterday, you’ll know that I’m still seeking a vision for the blog.  Something to make it fun.   Don’t get me wrong, I love writing.  When I did NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago, I wrote a mystery novel in fewer than thirty days because I was enjoying the process so much.  My back didn’t appreciate it.  I had to finish the end of the story from the living room couch with a heating pad across my upper back and shoulders so that my muscles wouldn’t go into spasms…. but I had a blast.

If you are doing NaNoWriMo right now, you probably aren’t reading anyone’s blog, but you can come back here on December 1st to catch up.  If you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo, why not?  It’s a fabulous once-in-a-lifetime event.  Write on!

Now back to our regularly scheduled show.  Oops, I mean blog.

Why do people blog?  Should you?  Should I?

I googled to see what “the experts” had to say on the matter.  There were a few blogs on the subject that were good, but there was one that absolutely stood out as exceptional:  15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog  by Joshua Becker.  Please go out and read the whole blog because I’m just going to pick out the highlights that spoke to me.

Out of his fifteen reasons, here are the nine that seemed to fit me well, and my response to them:

  1. You’ll become a better thinker.  This is so true.  When I write, I think about my words and what I hope they will mean to someone else.  I hope to strike a responsive chord, so try to choose wisely.
  2. You’ll live a more intentional life.   This one rattled my cage a bit.  Writing a blog opens a door to your soul.  You become more aware of yourself, and of the life you lead.
  3. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things.  I love this one.  A blogger, just like any other type of writer, is always looking for new things that will engage the audience.  You see everything around you in a new light.
  4. It’ll lead to healthier life habits.  True, but only if you find value in commitment, practice and perseverance.
  5. You’ll meet new people.   It’s amazing the conversations you strike up with your readers, some of which will lead to lifelong friendships.
  6. You’ll inspire others.  Oh, please let it be so!  Such is my raison d’etre.
  7. You’ll become more comfortable being known.  You’ll have to prove this one to me.  I’m a writer to my soul, which means that I am a solitary being.  Part of me cringes at the thought of being known but part of me is thrilled at the prospect.
  8. You’ll find a platform to recommend.  Yes, yes, yes.  I love to pass on all the inspiration that comes my way.
  9. It’s quite a rush with every positive comment.  So true, although I blush to admit it.

I will leave it up to you to read the full blog and discover the reasons I left off my list.

Still not convinced to give blogging a try?  Here are a few more articles for your consideration:

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Blog on!

3 thoughts on “9 Best Reasons to Blog

  1. I feel the same way about #7 – you’ll get more comfortable being known. Well, maybe I haven’t come to the thrilled part yet but I’ve got the cringing down. 🙂 Great post!

  2. It’s an interesting question to ask, why do I blog? For me initially it was a desire to write and get my thoughts out there, out of my head and shared with other people. I have now been blogging for a year and have enjoyed it but I still ask my self that question. I am going through a slower pace of writing as I don’t have a lot of time and I find that blogging is very time hungry. I have a young child and my husband and at times it has felt that as soon as I have a moment I rush to do my blog instead of relaxing and spending time with them. And also the more you want to do your blog the more time you will spend on it, taking time away from other activities. So for me really finding that balance in terms of time is tricky and questioning the amount of effort you put into a blog as a ‘free’ unpaid activity is another side of the story. I know I will be back to writing but for now I know it is slowing down. Thanks for following my blog, I will follow you. I like your blog’s style and you seem very active. All the best laura

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