I Remember When…

121413 antiqueWhat do you do for a photo shoot on a foggy, gray winter day?  You go inside an antique mall to see what you can find.  So today Cee and I visited the South End Antiques in Aurora, Oregon, USA.

The store was nicely quiet, far from the frantic hustle of Christmas shoppers in the shopping malls.  Old fashioned Christmas songs were playing… Bing Crosby, Percy Faith, Andre Previn, Burl Ives and a host of others we used to listen to on our Firestone Christmas albums.  The albums were sold at the Firestone Tire stores and were as treasured as National Geographic magazines.

As we walked into the store we were greeted with decorations of Christmases past.  I’m seeing the plastic candles with their flame shaped bulbs that were in all the windows of our house as a child.  That takes me back fifty years or more.  Goodness.  Can it really have been that long now?

Carefully wrapped in a plastic bag was a set of unused Mystic Stencils.  How much fun those were, as we held them to the window glass and sprayed them with artificial snow!  You can still buy stencils and snow in a can.  Some things never seem to go out of style.

They have some of the old tree lights, too, the kind that spent the off season tangling themselves into knotted coils that refused to unravel. Remember how if one light burned out the whole string went black?  Great fun was had switching out bulb after bulb until the culprit was found.

I found wonderful handmade ornaments, like this snowflake.  The outside was crafted from what looked like the stiff pages of a book of maps.  It was printed with names of cities followed by the number of citizens living there.  The pages were folded tightly and then trimmed with Grandma’s pinking shears.  The center is a cartoon of ice skaters enjoying a frozen lake.  A little jingle bell dangled from snowflake.

One thing I don’t remember from my youth, or my even my adulthood, was a preponderance of pink Christmas trees.  Wow!  I think I’d rather have an avocado stove than a pink tree.  I even found a pink Father Christmas.  We don’t normally see Father Christmas in the US, so perhaps he was an immigrant to our shores.  I didn’t see a hint of a pink Santa Claus, thank goodness.

What memories do you have of holiday decorations in your childhood home?

Happy holidays to everyone!

P.S.  The WordPress Daily Prompt just came out and they’re asking for posts with memories of the holidays.  I think this counts!

23 thoughts on “I Remember When…

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  2. What a wonderful trip down memory lane…especially the stencils! It reminded me of the year I wanted “Mystery Date” game so badly! I got it lol. Sigh…thanks so much, great post!

    • I was messy, but a lot of fun. Snowflakes with a spirograph. That would have been fun. I never had one of my own but I was amazed with them when I visited my friends. I can see where they would make womderful snowflakes.

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  6. Wow, what a fun blog! I LOVE antiques, my husband and I used to own a store where we sold European antique furniture and all other things lovely. Also, I’m from Oregon and have probably been to that store. I look forward to more from you.

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  10. The first Christmas my first husband and I were together, he conned me into buying just blue regular ball-type ornaments for our first tree. Although I like the color, the tree just didn’t look like a Christmas tree. That was in 1974.

  11. We always had red, green and yellow crepe paper streamers – the same as Grandma had, and I continued the tradition for years, but now we have a different, un-traditional, colour scheme every year. I’d love a pink tinsel tree!

  12. My tree still has a lot of memories on there, alongside of the newbies that you can’t resist each year. I was restrained this year- didn’t buy one! But I might have done if let loose in that shop 🙂 Hope 2014 is kind to you, and many thanks for following.

  13. Pink Christmas trees are completely off the track. Pink Santa? Well, why shouldn’t Mrs Claus do some deliveries in a pink outfit?
    We didn’t have decorations at home when I was a kid. No particular reason except that it simply didn’t become a custom with us. May also have stemmed from wartime austerity.

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