Writing Your Life – New Ideas

life-story-1362525281When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.

If I were to write a book about crafting memoir, that would be the first thing I would tell everyone.  How true, not just in the writing of your memoir, but in how you live your life.

But this is part 2 of my blog on Writing Your Life…

This is a great time of year to consider memoir, whether yours or someone in your family.  Jot down or tape record everyone’s memories during the holiday gatherings.  Take plenty of pictures and videos.

Here for your reading amusement are some great blogs and books for you to savor and to garner new ideas.   May they inspire you to writing and cherishing the journey you have taken in this world.  (Each logo is clickable.)


Memoir Project




Memory Writers Network

3 thoughts on “Writing Your Life – New Ideas

    • Trisha, you should give it a try. Memoir doesn’t have to just be words. You can use all types of media. I like these blogs for all the great tips they give away to their readers. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Chris: This is the perfect time of year to mention memoir. As you point out, many of us will be around family for the holidays. Ask questions. Get the stories. The best gift of all is our life story. There’s still time to write one short family story, print out multiple copies, and give it to everyone during that holiday gathering. Use it to urge others to share their stories. It isn’t an overwhelming task when you think of just one story at a time.

    Thanks for including our website: WomensMemoirs.com in your list above. We love encouraging women to write their stories in ways that engage readers and make them want to turn the page to find out even more.

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