Breathtaking Beauty

snowflakeAlexeyKljatovMeet Alexey Kljatov, your tour guide into a fabulous world of fantastic shapes and glittering beauty. Alexey is a photographer in Moscow, Russia.  He became interested in seeing snowflakes up close, so he took an old Canon camera and a telephoto lens, turned the lens upside down to create a photographic microscope and is publishing dazzling photos like you see below.  Who ever thought that there could be so many variations of six sided flakes?  Or that snow flakes come in tubes?  The theory says that no two snow flakes are alike, and this incredible collection helps to prove that.  Amazing.

Take the time to visit Alexey’s site, Chaotic Mind, to see what other worlds he is exploring.


4 thoughts on “Breathtaking Beauty

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! We had a snow a few years ago that had beautifully shaped flakes. Usually though, our snow just looks like white blobs. I had no idea such beautiful structures were within!

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