Absolutely Do NOT Press The Bored Button

boredbuttonWhatever you do, do NOT push the Bored Button.  Absolutely not.  I see your mouse hand hovering over it.  I warn you, I will slap your hand.  Maybe even use a ruler, like those nuns of my youth.  I’m telling you this for your own good.  If you click this button, you will never be able to return to life as you know it now.

(Ha, fooled you!  The Bored Button to the left has been disconnected for your safety, but there is an active one at the bottom of this blog.  Read these cautions before pressing the button.)

I was bored the other day.  Really, really bored.  I was so bored that I googled “bored” just for the heck of it.  After all, you never know what you’ll find on Google.

I found the Bored Button.

Then I made the mistake of pressing the Bored Button.  It was a true OMG moment.  I was lost in an alternate reality.  It was fun, even a little intoxicating.  I found I needed to press it more and more often, like that button on the morphine pump they give to people in the hospital.  Addicting.  Mesmerizing.

Time slipped away from me.  I jumped from reality to reality, tripping around inside the heads of so many other bored people.  Whoever thought boredom could be fun?  It was great.

So if you are bored, but only if you are truly bored, you can give it a try.  Before you do, call a friend to come check on you and pull you back to this world.  Set a couple of alarm clocks.  Do anything you can do to anchor you here, because you’re going to have so much fun you won’t want to come back.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  OK, go ahead and press the Bored Button.  Bon voyage!  Have a lot of fun.


28 thoughts on “Absolutely Do NOT Press The Bored Button

  1. I was not bored either, but I also pushed the button. So if I do become bored, I will know how little today will matter in the broader scope of things. But, if I do become bored, will I think it matters that today is such a small blip on the radar, or will I only care that I am bored? It’s been so long since I’ve been bored, it makes me wonder.

  2. Chris, I personally am a 62 year old reformed introvert so I can identify with you. Oh, and I DID NOT push the Bored Button. It’s after 9 at night here and I don’t need a time suck, no matter how great it is. Oh again, thanks for liking my 5 Places post.

  3. Funny…I don’t have time at the moment to press it, but I’ll be back. Thanks for liking my award’s speech!

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