How To Receive More Than You Give

TDC CoopersChristmas is the time of giving, but I’ve found a way to receive more than I give.  It’s simple.  It’s cheap.  It will leave you ever so happy.  If you want to receive more than you give, give from your heart.  Give of your time.  Volunteer.

Every week of the school year I volunteer as a peer group facilitator for grieving children at The Dougy Center.   I spend time with little ones like Maddy, Charlie and Kate Cooper, or with equally adorable teens, and give them a safe place to talk about death, to cry or be angry, to play and laugh a little.

Children don’t know how to talk about grief like grownups do.  They don’t understand the emotions that have taken hold of them.  It’s hard to comprehend that daddy won’t ever come home again, but entirely too easy to think that mom might suddenly disappear, too.  Grieving children are vulnerable and need a place where they are allowed to be themselves and work through their grief in a child’s manner, by playing and acting out what they are feeling.

My kids mean so much to me.  All I have to do is show up, pay attention to them and the magic happens.  They fill me with joy as they reclaim their lives.  It’s amazing to be a part of the journey.

Read the story of these three adorable little girls, then find some way in your own neighborhood where you can give a little of yourself.  I guarantee that you’ll receive much more than you give.

Many blessings for the new year!  May you and your loved ones be happy and healthy.


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