A Billion Dollars of Fun

puppyMoneyWhat would I do with a billion dollars?  I would have a lot of fun.

I dream like this a lot, only the highest amount I’ve ever dreamt about was $22 million dollars.  Today’s WordPress challenge takes me up to $1 billion.  I play with the numbers to find out what I would do with my life if money were no object, if I weren’t placing limitations on myself.

So, a billion dollars.  That’s a nice chunk of change.  I’d quit my day job, of course.  I work with nice people, but it’s not work I want to do.  It isn’t fulfilling work.  Then I’d make a few upgrades to our house.  It’s not a fancy house, but it suits us.  There are a couple of old windows that need replacing.  The master bath needs work, as does the main bath.  We need a new dishwasher, preferably one that loads and unloads itself.  Some things are beyond the reach of a billion dollars, though, I’m afraid.  Then I’d let my landscape architect go wild.  Yes, we already have a landscape architect, Pat Thompson from Secret Garden Growers.  We don’t have a big yard, or a lot of money, but having beauty around us is important to us.  She’s already drawn up plans that we’re going to nickel and dime into existence but with a billion dollars she can do amazing things.

Then I’d trade in our old cars and buy a Tesla.  It’s an electric car with incredible styling.  Save the earth and do it in Steve Jobs-like style.  I’d order a Model S and then put my name on the list for a Model X.  And have the electrician in to wire the garage for the electric charger.  And get the stupid garage door opener replaced.  It’s broken twice in almost as four months.  Don’t ever buy a Genie.

Then I’d make a large endowment to The Dougy Center.  They do such incredible work helping families that have been thrown into the chaos of death.  We could all use more compassionate healing in this world.  I wrote about them in yesterday’s blog.

I’d send money to my siblings, Steve, Jane and Joe.moneyHeart

Then I’d get down to the important stuff.

I would fix the educational system in America.

The first step would be to become a TED Patron.  It’s only $125,000 a year and it gives me access to incredible minds.  Then I’d form a committee to find the best educators in this country, and in the world.  People who are passionate about education and who can dream big dreams.  We’d search out what is working well and extend it.  We’d make ground breaking advances.

Our educational system is still based on a agrarian-industrial model.  It’s more than a hundred years behind the times.  It is also run on the tenure system, which is a crime against our young people, and an insult to the rest of us.  Educators are the builders and shapers of our future.  They should be allowed and encouraged to do the best work they can, and then rewarded handsomely for it.  They should be revered and honored.  The idea that anyone in this world can be guaranteed a salary for life just for showing up is absolutely absurd.

Children should aspire to be educators, not football players and rock stars.  Their education should not only equip them to be innovators, but also compassionate leaders.

Education should be available to everyone, but it should also be realistic.  We need exceptional training programs for the trades as well as for the exclusive professions.  I firmly believe that the way to eliminate crime is to provide training and career paths for everyone.  Let’s see what we can do to break the cycle of poverty.

If I had a billion dollars, I would change the world.  And have a lot of fun doing it.

14 thoughts on “A Billion Dollars of Fun

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  9. You wrote: “Children should aspire to be educators not football players and rock stars.” YES. Do you mind if I adopt that position from now on as I write on the topic of public education and as I spend time volunteering in classrooms assisting the teachers who work with those beautiful developing minds?

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  11. We all dream of being in a place where money is never a problem. I’d hire a really good man/woman Friday, one who knows how to meet my every wish. One accustomed to taking care of the details of the rich. I would become a recluse, having my needs brought to me. If I want to travel my personal luxury jet, pilot & personal staff would accompany me. I would want to remain off the radar of every database. I want o be able to go anywhere and be unknown.

  12. ASK/CHICAGO’s BLOG RECO OF THE DAY: Now Chris Donner has the right idea:

    Derived from: http://61musings.com/2013/12/28/a-billion-dollars-of-fun/

    I could relate because I’m 61 also, but Chris makes some mighty powerful statements as this one:

    The first step would be to become a TED Patron. It’s only $125,000 a year and it gives me access to incredible minds. Then I’d form a committee to find the best educators in this country, and in the world. People who are passionate about education and who can dream big dreams. We’d search out what is working well and extend it. We’d make ground breaking advances.

    Let’s hope that CHRIS does win that Billion Dollars somewhere down the line as those are some great starts and improvements that need to be done. Finish reading this article – well worth your time.

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