I Think I’ve Become Illiterate!

COYRLOne of the joys of blogging are all the new people you meet and the ideas that pop up in front of you.  I stumbled upon Gathering Books, and their reading challenge for 2014.  “What fun!”, I thought.  “So easy for me, as I’m a great reader”.  I pulled up my Kindle list from last year to see what level of challenge I would commit to and discovered to my amazement that I seem to have become somewhat (horror of horrors) a non-reader.  How did this happen?

I love reading.  I read out loud in my head so that I can savor the sound of the words.  I applaud the craftsmanship that can take me on a journey to new places and different times.  I thrill at the intimate encounter with another human being that a good biography brings.  I love the red herrings of a devious mystery (but spare me the gore and sex).  Histories teach me the evolution of humanity, while reading of science and religion, those dichotomies of rational thought, round out the picture.

So why had I read so few books last year?

Last year was a time of big shifts in my life.  It was a lightning fast year.  But that is no excuse.  That should have been the time to slow down, put my feet up and relax with a good book.

So, here we are in 2014 and the Check Off Your Reading List Challenge.  I’m shooting for the highest level of more than 25 books, not because I’m an overachiever, but because I pledge to cherish myself with those daily moments of pleasure a good book brings.  (Visit my current reading list)

Suggestions of good reads are always welcome!

11 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Become Illiterate!

  1. What books are on your list for this year? I don’t really have a list, exactly, but I do download a lot of books so whatever is in my kindle carousel is pretty much it. I think this past year I’ve read about 87 books, which I at first thought wasn’t very much but now I realize that isn’t true. Ha. Anyways, have you heard of bookbub.com? The site features free and inexpensive books from Amazon that you can download. I get most of my books this way. They often feature mysteries so you should check it out!

  2. Great post! Hit me too, the reading thing… I’ve been a voracious reader all my life often forsaking buying food so I could buy a book and thinking that to be a wise decision… until a couple of years ago when I noticed I was no longer reading but skimming and my mind just wasn’t taking anything in anymore. This shocked me. I was me but not the me I knew so well.

    Have you been writing more this year? I’ve noticed a writing to reading ratio thing with myself, so I wondered if perhaps there was a correlation. Sort of like filling yourself up with the words of others until you’re ready to express your own words and then the scales switch polarities. Does that make sense?

  3. I think “anupturned soul” is right… at least for me… The first year I retired from an academic career to focus on freelance writing, I read 100 books of all kinds…biography, memoir, fiction, history, politics, classics, ethics, etc, etc…. It was a lovely transition year I savored.. I still read over 50 as I am a fast reader like many other folks… but as writing time has become more important, I read somewhat less. I truly believe that a writer needs to keep engaged in reading though.. books of all kinds….Enjoyed your post. Sue

  4. This is a nice challenge you set for yourself. In fact, when I looked at your link, I am actually thinking, just thinking yet, of joining the challenge myself. Sadly, my current Prompt-twisting blog, eklektikadefiance.wp.com, which I believe you have seen, isn’t a good place to share my reviews, which the challenge encourages. I’m thinking of using my planned personal magazine blog or my future hubpages account for this, both of which are empty and imagined, so I’ll just see about that.

    I’d be looking forward to your reviews, if you are going forth with them. As for good reads, other than the classics, i’d believe you’d enjoy the thought-provoking works of George Orwell. 1984 is a good start. Animal Farm, a novel I haven’t read for myself, is a good read too. You could also finish the entire Dr. Seuss collection (I’ll envy you if you do.)

    My 2014 reading list consists in reading creative writing books and the entire Science Fiction Masterworks list, along with absorbing the style of Lovecraft and Poe, if I can manage to stomach some of their archaic vocabulary. If you are into Science Fiction, may I suggest Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ubik? They are great easy reads, but also thought-provoking, particularly Ubik.

    Or if you are into award-winning contemporary lit, may I suggest Bel Canto by Anne Pachett, or the heavily heartbreaking and short The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes.

    Good luck on your challenges! Hope you’d find something of your liking in my suggestions!

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  6. Great post! I can definitely relate to the feeling that life gets in the way of your reading time, which I think is both good and bad. Good because if you aren’t reading that means you are out living life, but bad because there are so many wonderful books out there to read (and I love reading them). I’m in grad school currently and really have to make time to get any “fun” reading in, and I think reading challenges have helped me make that time. Good luck in 2014 and I hope you read some great books!

  7. Definitely haven’t been reading as much lately as I used to do. I used to read anything up to 4 books a fortnight. Reading was/is my “choice of weapons” from escaping everyday reality, and just gliding off into another world for hours on end. However, lately I seem to be doing much more computer stuff, games, work, (dare I say it – facebook), etsy, my own website, and now blogging. Somehow I seem to have lost time for the art of reading.
    Perhaps it is because I have changed to showering, instead of lounging decadently in the bath (which is my all-time favourite place to read). I will happily read for hours while soaking like a big, pink blancmange in the bath, until I turn into a little, shriveled prune. Oh, but the hours of reading bliss in between.

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