Happiness is Beautiful Collaboration

PrintHappiness, to me, is a beautiful collaboration, one in which both parties work openly and lovingly to create something special.  There is nothing better than to be with someone who loves you for your moments of brilliance and for your spells of insecurity.  I am blessed to have that special partnership in my life.  Cee, my soul mate and partner of twenty-five years, is a wonderful photographer with a creative mind.  Better still, we are completely opposite yet meet in the middle to generate beauty and inspiration.

Years ago I was quite taken with this photograph of hers, with the tender beauty of the rose against the starkness of the chain link fence.  It generated an emotion which I then put into words.  The result was this poster, City Rose.

I wrote yesterday about how I’m learning to merge words with images.   I asked Cee if she’d work with me to create more graphic words like this and she agreed.  I am thrilled to be working with her on a new creative project.  We work so well together, and the projects always bring us closer together.  Fun and love at the same time, what could be better!

When you’re a photographer, you end up with a collection of shots that are really cool but that you can’t imagine ever using.  I challenged her to pick six of her favorites and let me see what words I can put with them.  So look for more creations from us.  We’ll show you the before and after, and a link to her sales site, if you should want to buy a print or a card.

This fits nicely as a response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt:  Happy Happy Joy Joy, What does “happiness” look like to you?

19 thoughts on “Happiness is Beautiful Collaboration

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  8. There is nothing nicer than having a partner who enhances your happiness and vice versa. So many people expect their partner to make them happy but it is really a collaboration as you point out. Looking forward to seeing the results of your creative collaboration.

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  10. Chris, a beautiful relationship is true happiness. My Pookie-Pie is six years younger. A negligible difference now, but significant when I was 28 and he was 22.
    I also find that whenever I do something really nice for someone else I am filled with happiness.
    Can’t wait to see the results of your joint effort.

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