The Loneliness Generation

I am becoming increasingly interested in this subject. How can we be so connected and also so alone? The restaurant scene you describe is one I often see when I’m in the city… everyone sitting together but isolated in their internet bubble. I live in the country where families still talk with each other during meals, but how long will that last? How do we meet each other now when we aren’t all sitting out on our front porches in the evening, chatting with neighbors strolling by? Good post.

9 thoughts on “The Loneliness Generation

  1. It’s an interesting phenomenon. My high school student says everyone spends their whole lunch hour on their phone, instead of interacting. That is strange, I think. I’m also disturbed by how they predict more of the population will be living in the city. I wonder what the reason for that prediction is? I refuse to cooperate with that trend!

    • I compromise and have the best of both worlds. I live south of Oregon’s largest city, but my little town of 15,000 isn’t close to the interstate highway so we haven’t become a bedroom community of the city. We’re a small agricultural town, and I like it that way. The city is there, if I need it, but mostly I avoid it.

  2. My son is lonely on the school bus. He tells me everyone is on the phone! He wants me to buy him a phone so he won’t be lonely. I tried explaining to him that he will still be lonely. Just distracted, but I doubt he understood. Where is the world headed? It scares me. Connection is what makes people happy, not disconnection.

    • I feel so sorry for him. I don’t know what this newest generation will be like when they are adults, or what challenges they will face with their children. I hope we’ve started to break the cycle of loneliness, but I doubt it, especially when you consider that most people meet their spouses on the internet.

      • We have to talk to our kids, and teach them that connecting in person with people is so important, not just to parents, but to them, too. We all have the same needs, all of us, according to all the anthropology and other scientific studies done.

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