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foodheartI’ve started a second blog in response to a challenge from a friend of mine.  Her name is Sobha and she, like many of my friends, is sad that my eating habits are so awful.  I wouldn’t quite make it onto the television show Worst Cooks In America because I do know how to boil water without burning down the kitchen, but my cooking is affectionately referred to as slop in our house.

Sobha and I were chatting the other day and she volunteered to create a week’s worth of menus if I would promise to make them.  The thought of spending so much time in the kitchen scared me, but I stopped myself before flat out refusing.  I made it into a double challenge by telling her I’d do it if she’d blog about it with me.  She’s been wanting to write but can never seem to make the time to do it, so I called her bluff.  Then I wrangled my photographer spouse, Cee, into taking pictures of my creations.  So the three of us will be cooking and sharing it with you.

Here are the things about me that I want to change:

  • Obesity.  What an ugly, ugly word, and one that I never thought would apply to me, but it does.  I’ve just lived through twelve years of medical and financial crisis in our family.  As the years went by and the stress mounted, I didn’t have the strength to exercise and eating seemed like the only enjoyable thing left in my life.  No excuses, but that’s what happened.
  • Youthfulness.  More of it, please.  I don’t look my age, in part due to my father’s genes that are keeping my hair its regular color (which at age 61 is fabulous!), but I sure feel my age every time I have to stand up.  Losing the weight and eating with nutrition in mind will make a big difference.  I’m on the other side of menopause now, and my body reacts to food and exercise differently, so I have to adapt to that as well.
  • Alignment with my personal philosophy.  This is a biggie!  I am studying and practicing Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I’m doing so much to improve my own quality of life, and eating well is important to that.  I want to infuse my food with love and good energy so that it works for me, heals me, and gives me vitality.  The discipline of Qigong and the Taoist practices it comes from demand mindfulness, an awareness of what I am preparing, how I’m preparing it, and stayed focused on my eating while I eat.  This will be a major lifestyle change for me.  I spend my life multitasking, including eating in front of the computer or television, and that has to end.  I need to slow down, be aware, listen more to my body and love myself.

Over the last couple of years I find myself becoming more and more vegetarian, not because I have any particular beliefs about the ethics of killing animals, but because meat isn’t as appealing to me any more.  I don’t like to handle it.  I don’t like the smell of it.  Maybe it has to do with all the awful stuff they feed the animals, but something in me has changed, and I’m letting my body tell me what it likes and doesn’t like.

So that’s my journey.   I’m making this commitment to me and my future, and welcome you to do the same.

28 thoughts on “Coming soon – new food blog

  1. I have almost the same problem. I’m too fat for my own good, and furthermore I am most of the time in physical pain and therefore I lack the strength too walk enough or exercise in other ways.
    I really need too loose weight and be more healthy.
    But I have also problems with what I can eat. Food allergies! Can’t eat diarys, wheat, peanuts, soybeans and now I have also discovered I can’t eat any kind of nuts or almonds any longer. I don’t know why.
    I prefer vegetarian food – even if I still eat meat, mostly chicken that is. I have to eat SOMETHING!

    So I’m certainly looking forward to your new food blog! New input in these matters can only be for the good!

    • I think that once we get on a downward spiral we keep getting more and more sensitive. That’s my theory, anyway. So I’m trying to stop the madness and enjoy eating once again. The first meal will be vegan and gluten free, so give it a try when you see the blog come out.

      • I totally agree with you! I’m sure it’s a downward spiral we have got into.
        I know f.ex. that I shouldn’t eat dairys in any form, but since I don’t get immediate bad reactions, I “fall” and have milk in the coffee, or accept to eat that taco dinner with CHEESE in it when I visit some friend… *sigh*
        And if it’s more than once that I fall, after a while I really have to pay for it. And it can take weeks to repair the damage. From christmas eve when I got that stomach thing, I have forbidden myself to eat any diarys – and hav lost almost 2 kg

        Quite recently it started to tickle in my throat after eating. That really scared me off, when I realized it was due to all nuts and almonds I have eaten for a quite long period. And that annoys me! I’d rather eat nuts instead of meat!
        And my mornings with a mix of fruits, berrys, an avocado and some nuts were so satisfying! What shall I now have for breakfast!!!

        I really do look forward to your first post!

        And one more thing – you inspired me to start all over again with my food blog, mostly recepies! Late last night I started building, so it is published, with two recopies. But I have to do some more with it to look good. (Should I really have that theme… ?)

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