Blogging is expensive!

hx-50v2Once you figure out what you’re doing, blogging can be great fun… meeting new people, exploring new worlds, improving your content and watching your numbers climb.  What isn’t there to love about it?  The problem is that blogging is also addictive, and therein lies the rub.  It can get expensive!

Sure, you start out with a free blog on WordPress, and if you’re smart you sign up for Zero to Hero, and maybe do a Daily Prompt or two, but soon you find yourself wanting all the bells and whistles like a premium theme, ads free blogging, adding audio and video.  Sure, you know all those things are possible.  But it’s the sneaky addictions that will really get you.

Mine came when I started following Greg Urbano’s blog.  I love Greg, and I’ve already picked up some good tips from him.  My downfall came when he blogged about driving the Sunshine Skyway and trying out Sony’s HX50V, a high end point and shoot camera.  The video he shot was great.  I want to include video on my blog, and that had me drooling.

I have an old Nikon Dhx-50v160 that I use for wide angle photography, which is what I really love, but I wanted something small I could carry with me when I’m out, just in case I run into a blogging idea.  I researched the HX50V and the reviews were five star.  It has a fabulous zoom that is almost too quick.  I was worried about a camera this light with a long zoom and I do find I get a little shaky but the image stabilization makes all my shots look like they were done with a tripod.  Does great in low light without a flash, too.

So I just had to buy it… and a memory card…. and a couple of extra batteries… and a case and longer strap…. $360 USD later and I’m ready to have some fun blogging.  *grin*

Here’s a MSH2picture I posted in Of Volcanoes and Flying Sideways that I took with full zoom.  That flattened dome of Mt St Helens is about sixty miles away.




OC mountains

Below that is a shot taken at a mid-range zoom.  Mt St Helens is the tiny white bump on the left horizon.  The tiny white bump on the right horizon is Mt Adams.  Pretty impressive for a point and shoot, isn’t it?


Freddie FoodFinally, here is Freddie, checking out the ingredients for our Roasted Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder on our food blog, Three’s Cooking.  No, he didn’t help cook!

Blogging is expensive, but so much fun!  Thanks, Greg.  I was due for a new toy.

Blog on!

13 thoughts on “Blogging is expensive!

  1. Good for you!!! I’m excited FOR you! Isn’t there something so fun and exciting about owning a new camera? And knowing that you’ll have better pictures to share on your blog! You must be so happy! I know I would be! (It’s pricey but worth it, in my opinion.) Best of luck with the new gadget and looking forward to seeing what you capture! 🙂

  2. So far blogging hasn’t been expensive unless you count the time. It is definitely addictive and has been fun to meet people in different parts of the world who have completely different situations than mine.

  3. After seeing the lovely photos on people’s blogs I must admit I am sorely tempted to splash out on a quality camera as well! Plus decent photo-editing software etc. Yep, expensive!

  4. Oh gosh. I have the same problem. I’m so glad you got the camera! I don’t even have an actual camera yet. haha. I mostly use my phone but hopefully I can shell out for a good one soon. Like you said, it’s quite addicting.

  5. If blogging is expensive, I would say it’s an expense of time. Playing with new toys, buying new tools is a very separate experience in my opinion and not connected. Wishing you much joy from your blogging experience, and continued adventures into the unknown.

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