Why I should not be allowed to write a food blog!

I was thinking about what to write for the About page on my new food blog, Three’s Cooking.  I realized that if there were some kind of internet monitoring service, my license to publish a food blog would be rescinded as soon as I wrote about my favorite foods.

I don’t have a favorite food as much as I have a favorite food color.  My fave food is all white.  Yes, white.  Milk, cottage cheese, rice, ricotta, mozzarella and feta cheeses, Alfredo and Bechamel sauces, almonds, and my ultimate favorite, coconut cream pie.  Actually, anything coconut…. except for the awful organic dark chocolate coconut bar Cee just bought me, hoping I would like it.  (I love you for trying, sweetheart!)  It was nasty.  In fact, I think most things chocolate are sort of nasty, unless they are covering nuts or coconut.  They’d be even better if you turned the brown stuff into white chocolate, of course.  The natural food store, Trader Joe’s, has the most delicious coconut covered cashews.  Sigh!  Buttermilk, but not the modern kind that has little chunks of gelatin standing in for the butter.  The real thing.  Thick and creamy.  Vanilla  or coconut cake with white butter cream frosting.  Yogurt.  Sour cream.  Aged white cheddar cheese.  Potato soup.  When I was eating meat, I’d restrict my meat to chicken and turkey (white meat only, of course) and white albacore tuna.  Popcorn.  Jicama.  Manicotti (but with Alfredo sauce).

whiteFoodMy second favorite food is yellow.  Mustard.  I love mustard.  Hollandaise sauce.  Corn.  Corn grits.  Corn bread.  Corn chowder.  Eggs (both white and yellow, the perfect food).  Egg custard, including Creme Brulee.  Yes, the top is brown but it started out white.  My second favorite pie is lemon meringue, a nice mix of yellow and white.  I love Yukon Gold potatoes.  For most of my life, my favorite fruit was Golden Delicious apples, but they’ve been hybridized to the point where they don’t have any flavor left.

Now my favorite apple is Granny Smith.  I know it’s not yellow, but it has my favorite flavor, tart.  Lemons.  Vinegars, especially malt and Balsamic vinegar.  I will eat darn near anything that has Balsamic vinegar.  It has to be real Balsamic vinegar, though, direct from either Modena or Reggio Emelia in Italy, and aged for at least twelve years.  The flavor has to be right.  You can’t hurry a good Balsamic vinegar.  (The term “balsamic” means “restorative” or “curative”.)

I don’t know where my love of white food comes from.  My grandfather and I used to bond over tall glasses of cold buttermilk, the old fashioned kind that would cling to the sides of the glass.  He’d come home after a hard day’s work and we’d chug buttermilk together.  My grandmother hated the stuff, but she’d buy it for us.  My grandfather died when I was twelve.  I still miss my drinking buddy.  I’m sure that we had other colored food in our house growing up, but when I think of comfort foods, all of them are white.  So I’m branching out bravely in my new food blog.  Please join me on the journey and “Like” me enough that I don’t lose my food blogger’s license.

Bon appetit!

Chris also writes the (someday) wildly popular food blog, Three’s Cooking!

9 thoughts on “Why I should not be allowed to write a food blog!

  1. I’ve actually got a friend who won’t eat chocolate = hates the stuff. Me, I love chocolate… Use to not care for dark too much, but now preferred (though milk chocolate will do).

    Enjoyed reading about your food colors. Great choices of food in there

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  3. Do you really mean that where you live, there is some kind of gelatin instead of the natural fat in buttermilk! It’s horrifying!!!!! Yäackkkk…
    I love dark chocolate though, and can’t stand the white one. That doesn’t taste anything but sweet!!!
    At weekends I do my own chocolate toffee, with extra creamy coconut milk in, and so much cocoa powder that the toffee is almost black. I.m looking forward to my friday evenings, with something nice to eat, a movie, and then as a treat – my chocolate toffee…. mmmm…. mjummy…

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