Holding back the waves

waves2For me, the hardest part about blogging is picking one idea and sticking to it.  Once I start typing the words, ideas start hitting me like waves.  I love sitting on the beach, watching the waves rolling in… rolling in…. rolling in…  It’s mesmerizing.  They never stop.  Wonderful for meditation, horrible idea for blogging.  Once I open myself up to ideas, I get lost in them.  Two hours go by, and I’ve written nothing.  I can’t even tell you what I’ve been thinking.  I’ve been caught up in watching the waves rolling in… rolling in… rolling in…

smallStones4How do you hold back the waves?  I haven’t discovered the secret to that.  Not yet.  I’m going to try some mindful writing, doing some small stones.  Writing Our Way Home is a blog about mindful writing, creating what they call small stones, little captures of your daily life, similar to haiku but without the rules.  Writing small stones forces you to focus on a moment in your day, freezing it and feeling it.  Holding back the waves for just an instant.

Every January, Writing Our Way Home holds a small stone challenge.  I tried it two years ago and was entirely too immature to carry through with it.  I was too overwhelmed by my life to even take ten minutes to sit and appreciate what was around me.  Maybe now is the time to try again.

Even though we’re well into January, it’s a challenge you can start any time.  Their blog will give you tips and inspiration, if you want to try doing small stones.  smallStoneProveb

Chris also contributes to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul

12 thoughts on “Holding back the waves

  1. Maybe the answer is to *not* hold back and get it all out on the screen however it comes into your brain. Then you could read over what you’ve written and craft a blog from your favorite ideas or sentences.

    The inner editor is the worst enemy of every writer. She thinks she knows everything but doesn’t.

  2. When an unusually striking wave comes in, one should take a picture for further processing in the future. In the same way, if I have an idea off the subject of something I’m writing, I break off to jot a note of it, which I can go back to later.

  3. Great idea, small stones. I just write one little story at a time. I write with abandon, go back to slice and dice, let it sit, and then more slicing and dicing. It took me three years (on and off) of writing a giant word processing collection before I found my voice.
    Good luck with your writing.

  4. The second writing unit that I teach in first grade is called small moments and is similar to that. We liken a small moment to a watermelon seed. A big watermelon story is when you go on and on about everything you did on vacation. The small seed story is when you focus on just a small event that happened. You work on stretching out the details of that moment, adding in who was there, what you did, felt, and said.

    Anyways, small stones reminded me of that!

  5. Sometimes when I on a creative high, the ideas roll in like waves. I try to capture a few ideas in my notebook. Later, I see that many of them aren’t that good, but if they catch my attention at the time, I write it down because you just never know.

  6. I like that small stones idea. Very cool to concentrate on one part of your day. I did that and didn’t even know it 🙂 Ha! Must be the meditation working 🙂 Good post, glad I stopped by to check you out.

  7. I love the idea of small stones …. I too have so many toughest and ideas coming at me! If I can I capture them all on different draft posts and then let them simmer in the background for a while. Often they don’t make sense when I come back to them … but I feel I’ve captured what’s come up in my mind. On the other hand, sometimes I come back to one aspect of what I’ve written and it propels me along another path. Enjoy the journey collecting stones big and small!

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