Small Stones – Week 1

I wrote about wanting to do some Small Stones in Holding back the waves.  This is my first attempt at doing it.


Sunny friend.
Cheerful brightness
on a foggy day.







Foggy morning.
Scrawny, mossy branches jutting through the hedge
look like skeleton fingers reaching out
to grab me.
Makes me smile.


Thai Import Store

Huge wooden elephants flank the entry.
I would buy them
if I owned the Taj Mahal.
Boxes and bins piled to the rafters.
Buddhas and revered gods.
Golden bowls.
10,000 things piled everywhere.

The owner glares at us.
I smile.  “You have a lot of things.”
She barks.  “We do retail and wholesale”.
Everywhere I go, she goes.
Am I really that much of a threat
in my middle-aged body, faded jeans, turtleneck and scarf?

There is no room to move between the piles.
I back out slowly.

Who can find things there?
Who would buy there?
Maybe the store is just a front
for money laundering,
or a meeting place for spies.


Chris also contributes to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

10 thoughts on “Small Stones – Week 1

    • Perhaps a wee bit. They were actually waist high, about two feet wide and three feet long…. massive in as small a place as this. They’d look big in my empty living room. You can’t believe this store. It was something put together by a hoarder.

  1. the import store poem was hysterical! so good! ha ha – and I have been in a similar store – and we wondered the same thing (what are they really up to…. lol) –

    and what a lovely poem at the start:

    Sunny friend.
    Cheerful brightness
    on a foggy day.

    really beautiful wight he play on sunny and foggy. 🙂 enjoyed it much in this cold wintry day….

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