Spreading Love One Card at a Time

MOOCardI follow and enjoy Candace Thoth‘s blog and encourage you to go take a look at her gentle, loving writing.  She penned a wonderful post the other day, Spreading Love One Card at a Time, in which she turned a philosophical discussion of what would constitute an ideal day into an action that is bringing smiles to strangers.  I think her idea is brilliant.  She’s had mini MOO Cards (a half size business card) printed up with a loving message and is handing them out.  She decided that her message would be, “May this card serve as a reminder that you are loved.”  Can you imagine how you would feel if someone just handed this message to you and walked away?  (Talk about an introvert’s dream method of communication!  But that’s a topic for another blog.)

This comes on the heels of finding an interesting TED talk, Hannah Brencher’s “Love letters to strangers”.  She has started a campaign to write love letters to strangers.  Real letters.  Snail mail, pen on paper letters of human concern for strangers.  I’ve signed up to receive letter writing requests and I hope I can find the time to send some out.  There is a request that nudges my heart, to write a letter to a husband who has supported his new wife through a long illness.  A lot of the things he did are reminiscent of what I went through when Cee was in a coma and going through physical therapy after that.  I know how demanding that sort of thing is, and I can easily imagine how astounded and touched I would have been to get encouragement and support from perfect strangers.  The campaign is asking for letters of appreciation so that he knows how much his caring has meant.

Unconditional love.  Reaching out to strangers.  Little things that will change the world.  I guess I’m hearing all of these messages now because I’ve found so much joy in reaching out to all of you introverts in this world.  I’m not alone, and neither are you.  If I had a message it would be that you don’t have to feel guilty about being different, unique, and not fitting the mold.  I’d say to everyone, introvert and extrovert alike, to take the time to listen, open your heart, and let someone know that they are loved just for being themselves.

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.  ~~ Mother Teresa

What would your MOO card say?  What would you put in your love letter?

Chris also contributes to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

13 thoughts on “Spreading Love One Card at a Time

  1. A beautiful idea. I remember this Christmas an older gentleman randomly handed me (and others throughout the store) a small, handmade red tissue paper rose along with a Merry Christmas… Left an impression, and I can imagine what little cards would do. Awesome! Will have to think about the answers to your questions. Ty for the post!

  2. I like “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them” or “Hakuna matata” 🙂

    • I like the first one very much. The second one I had to look up. From “The Lion King”, I see. That points out my disadvantage in not having grandchildren! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  3. This is a thoughtful and contemplative post. I like the idea of extending kindness, wherever one can. It might be a bit dangerous to send love letters to strangers these days, but I try to practice little spontaneous acts of generosity in my daily interactions with the public. I enjoyed this reminder.

    • I agree that we would have to consider the safety factor, unfortunately, but they can just be anonymous random acts of caring, too, I would think. I’ve read some of the love letters and they were quite heartfelt and touching.
      Sometimes the richest gift we can give to strangers is our smile, don’t you think?

  4. Dear Chris,

    My heart is bursting with gratitude! Thank you so much for sharing this post with others. I hadn’t even heard of Hannah Brencher’s TED talk. I’m going to watch it right now.

    I really love this line in your post “I’d say to everyone, introvert and extrovert alike, to take the time to listen, open your heart, and let someone know that they are loved just for being themselves.” What a beautiful message!

    Love & Blessings,

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  6. What a beautiful post full of inspiration and beautiful ideas. I’m a big fan of Cee’s blog and had no idea that you were her partner.
    How wonderful that we have so many ways to share and inspire and help others, and ourselves, from the Internet to ‘snail mail.” From encouraging, supportive comments on blogs to sweet MOO cards, opportunities abound for every one of us to make the world a more peaceful, loving, hope-filled place to be. Thanks for creating such a haven of encouragement and inspiration here on your blog.

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