For Introverts Only (and the people who love them)

I’ve had a busy week.  I continue to remake my blog to focus on introverts, hoping to continue to bring you all kinds of interesting tidbits.  In case you missed the changes, here is a partial list:introvert13

Club Introvert:  I have a page where you can add the URL of your blog.  It’s the first step in building a community.  Eventually I want to add a forum where we can discuss things of import and interest.  Follow this link, or look on the top navigation or click on the Introverts Only sign you’ll find on any page.

I’ve also added an Introvert Info page, where I’ll be adding books, websites, blogs, videos and the like.  Please feel free to leave me suggestions and recommendations.  I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so pass the word on.

I’ve updated my About page, just for the fun of it.

pinterestLogoFor all of you Pinners, I’ve added a Pinterest link to the bottom of every blog, by the Like button.

Be sure to check out the last couple of blogs, too.  Photographers are introverts, it turns out.  If you haven’t added your vote to the survey, please do.  Click and be counted.

The Cruise blog has turned out to be so popular that I wished I had the forum up and running.  It would have been a great initial discussion.  Would being stuck on a ship along with 3,000 other people in the middle of the ocean be a nice vacation for you, or not?  If you’ve been on a cruise, please share your experience with us.

What’s coming up next week:  Sunday will be the third installment in the popular debunking of introvert myths.  Wednesday will be the next Introvert Cartoon.  (Glad you loved the newest in introvert fashion.)  In between times, I’m thinking of rewriting the history of mankind, with the introverts as the 75% majority.  What would the world be like?  Chew on that for a while.

20 thoughts on “For Introverts Only (and the people who love them)

  1. Thanks, Cris, for all the work you’re putting in to this. I’m really happy to come along with you and all the other wonderful people.
    I really do feel the urge to shape up, kick myself in my derrier and start writing more structured.

    • Thanks, Ninna. I’m so glad you are with us. Just keep writing from your heart.
      Love the banana bread recipe on your blog. I truly despise bananas, but have an odd fondness for banana bread. Haven’t had any in years, not since I went gluten free. I’ll have to see if I can find a GF version.

      • Well you got it! Linda’s recipe is with rice flour, and when I tried it out I used a mix with maize, buckwheat and almond. I also had some cinnamon and cardemon in mine, and used pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts. (Had neither walnuts nor rice flour at home)
        Often when I bake I use some psyllium seeds as well. It adds fibres and helps keep the bread/cookies together. We cant always eat crumbles only. 😉

          • I do too. Have to buy again next time I’m shopping.
            Linda at Clean Eating have only glutenfree recipes and lately she writes both in english and swedish. 😉
            Havn’t checked though if she has updated the elder recipes into english. But at least they can be an inspiration. And the pictures are so beautiful.
            Also all my recipes at Small Kitchen are gluten free. They are just not that many of them. 😆

    • Thank you. I like both of your blogs, too. If I had a wish, well, two wishes, they would be to be able to read Rumi in the original language and understand not only the words but the culture in which they are written. The other would be to sit with someone like you and have a private conversation about spiritual beliefs. I think it would be a wonderful exchange. Peace.

  2. Chris, I love your blog. And I think it’s so ace what you’re doing with it. After my 6 month MIA, I’m too doing a major overhaul. Some are done but there’s still more to do and I did an About Page update as well but I’m not happy with the old picture (and god knows what’s happened to my Avatar). RE: Cruise Ships – my worst nightmare. I would die if I had to spend all that time with no escape 😉 Can I seriously add my URL to the Intro’s Only page??

  3. I think a world run by introverts wouldn’t have any war – because the introverts wouldn’t want to engage with other people enough to disagree with their philosophies/way of life, etc.

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