Society? Who Needs It.

societyI have been accused of being an intellectual snob, and I have to proudly admit that is so.  I don’t wear Harvard crimson, or have a degree from Stanford or MIT.  Nothing fancy like that.  I don’t care how much schooling you’ve had, or which schools they have been.  I’ve met people with multiple degrees from some of the best schools who can’t do anything more than repeat back what they’ve been taught.

What I care about is how much you engage in meaningful dialogue.  How much do you stop and truly think, feel, and then use that new knowledge to improve your world?  That is my criteria for the people I value in my life.

Don’t tell me about the diplomas hanging on your wall.  I don’t care.  Tell me what you value in your life.  That I will listen to.

Don’t flash your wealth at me.  I won’t be impressed.  Tell me what matters to you more than money.

Don’t tell me about the famous people you know.  Tell me about the ones you love with all your heart.

Don’t tell me your fancy corporate title.  Tell me about the hours you volunteer to help others and your community.  Tell me the stories of the lives that have touched yours.

Don’t tell me about your fancy homes.  I would love you equally if you had no home, as long as you were genuine.

I’m an introvert.  I watch and listen, and I choose the people I allow into my life very carefully.  I’m empathic.  I will feel your pain and your joy and share mine with you.  I’m compassionate and care about the core of you, the inner you more than the outer you.

If you can understand that, then you are welcome in my society.

Written in response to today’s WordPress Daily Prompt:  West End Girls.

38 thoughts on “Society? Who Needs It.

  1. Quite with you there… I am married to an academic (manager and lecturer) with a family full of teachers etc. Me, I’m educated through life… but my wife tells me emphatically that I have more common sense than 90% of faculty members, lol.

    As the Prophet Mohammed said — ‘Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have travelled.’


  2. Very well said!

    I think the last paragraph you can even expand into the Weekly Challenge about Silence if you wanted to 🙂

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  5. Years ago, I attended a party of a poet friend hosted by his friend who was a university professor. Having never hung around much with highly educated people, I was surprised by some of the conversation.

    At one point the subject of psychology came up and I mentioned that I was reading Jung. They asked me what school I was attending and were very surprised that I was reading Jung’s original works because none of them had read his works but only secondary sources.

    That only confirmed for my suspicion that college was not the place for me 🙂

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  7. Dang. And I was just about to email you on all those topics. How rich I am, how clever, how huge a home I live in … and now look what happens? – you ain’t interested.
    Sighh …

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  10. This is so great, short and to the point. It’s funny, where I live so many people are like you, like us, who are into “real people”, not what you can buy or what your house looks like or what title comes after your name on your business card. But when I go elsewhere? Sometimes I can’t believe I live in the same country as the rest of America….seems like we are very outnumbered. But I’m glad I live where I do…. Thanks for your post!

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  15. I’m with you all the way Chris. And I especially subscribe to the 2nd last paragraph about choosing our friends. Those who dont know will be quick to label introverts as a snob or aloof. My response would be, I want ‘quality’ in my friendship. I dont want to waste time on someone who takes me for granted.

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  17. I like how you think Chris… I am not a big fan of fancy degrees – though in this day and age they seem mecessary to getting anywhere in life (job wise that is)…. My husband often quotes that he’s known people (himself included) that knew more going into training (mechanics) than some new coming out…. My husband and I are continuously looked down upon because we lack degrees (much less fancy ones) after our name…..

    Seems material things are of utmost importance to people these days – more so than a persons heart… I could go on, but will refrain as I am commenting longer than I should.

  18. Thanks for the follow! I LOVE this post. People think that the amount of time you’ve spent in school defines who are as a person and it makes you acceptable is today’s world. Definitely wrong. Looking Forward to reading more awesome posts from you 🙂

  19. there’s one prominent thought you shared that strongly urges me to make my blog-of-the-day about the Struggle I’m currently Experiencing on how no one seems to want the Help that is loudly clammered for, from a Homeless Spirit such as myself…
    I am completely knocked down by the re-occurring fact at how my Life Calling of Service from the Shadows seems to be unWorthy by the mere fact of my lack for a residential address.
    this Disturbs me deeply and leaves me feeling inComplete by Denial….

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  21. I so know what you are on about. It seems so ironic that the extraverts ( the so called People persons) are the ones that often lack empathy, or is it social manipulation. Blogging and the net is a gift to introverts, as long as like everything, it is in moderation. Great blog post.

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