Introvert Cartoon of the Week


Today’s cartoon comes to us from the folks at via Pinterest.

The wording pokes fun at us, but in truth two introverts coming together, once they know each other, can get to be a pretty boisterous gathering, in a quiet, understated introvert kind of way.

And I had to find some more apparel for us, since everyone enjoyed last week’s outfit so much:

introvertCartoon8Remember to sign up for Club Introvert.  Click on the sign on the right or the link way at the top of the page.  We’d love to hear from you.  We’ll be having a meeting as soon as we can figure out how to do it quietly and at a time and place that is good for everyone.  Just kidding.  Didn’t mean to cause anyone social anxiety.  What I will be doing is creating a forum where we can discuss all kinds of cool things, like the Cruise discussion we just had and are still having.  I didn’t know it would be so popular.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  And, no, I didn’t draw this, just found it on the net.  Look for my ongoing series debunking the introvert myths (Sunday) and introvert cartoons (Wednesday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.    Come and share with like-minded introverts.

I also contributes to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

19 thoughts on “Introvert Cartoon of the Week

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