Things Introverts Think at Parties

I found a fun video done by a charming young woman (do I show my age saying that??) that is a perfect lead in to the weekend:  Things Introverts Think at Parties.  I can identify with much of what Britt says.  I’m embedding her video here, but also including a link to it if you want to stop by her blog and leave her a comment of appreciation.

Have a wonderfully quiet introvert weekend.


Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series debunking the introvert myths (Sunday) and introvert cartoons (Wednesday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.    Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

14 thoughts on “Things Introverts Think at Parties

  1. Brilliant! OMG! Just the look on her face is ME to a tee – and that comment on the skill of small talk (which I have yet to master – and I am fifty-six!) is so pertinent. Brittany, you have expressed it wonderfully! xxx

  2. haha! this was funny and oh! so accurate. we used to go to an annual dance party at our friend’s house. they had a family room off the main hall that i would go and sit in hoping for like minds to join me. the room actually got dubbed, “heather’s chat room”. it was quiet, there was funny conversation and my energy wasn’t drained away while we were there. : )

  3. Reblogged this on DukkSheit Happens………. and commented:
    Britt~ 28
    me~ 22, tho i do have an additional list of items i go thru at the rare occasion i leave the Trees to be with People… and i regret leaving those Gentle, Forgiving Trees every time i do.
    however…. Britt has given me a New Purpose when i work up the nerve, and it will be to “gather information to destroy them all”! Giggle!
    thank you Britt~ i will be sharing your “How-To” vid on my blog as well! 😉

  4. Cute. I could definitely relate to wondering how I can make my escape without being obvious, though I start thinking that about two days before the actual party.

  5. Thanks for sharing the video.
    I hate small talk. Yesterday I saw a woman at a cafe. She used to be my colleague a few years ago. When we went out from the cafe, I told my wife and she asked: “why didn’t you talk to her?”. I said: “Because I have no interest in small talk with people that are basically strangers.”.

    Here’s an example of the small talk questions she would have asked (and the answers that I wish I’d think of/say in a situation like that)

    – How are you? (I’m older than last time you saw me).
    – Do you have a kid now? (Kid? No, this is not mine. I just found him wandering around at the toy store)
    – Where do you work these days? (In a job that’s just as boring as the one I had when we were colleagues).
    – The weather this winter has been really mild (Oh, has it? I haven’t noticed, because I’ve just been too busy masturbating).
    – Oh, well. I gotta go. Take care then. (Yes. I gotta go too. The food at this place really upset my belly to the point of explosive diarrhea).

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