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Here is my contribution to Share Your World for this week.  (Scroll to the bottom for more info on SYW.)

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

It was hard choosing, but because of the time of the year, I would say freshly cut grass.  There is something about a newly mown lawn that is so fresh.  (So says the person with watering eyes, clutching a handful of tissues, and who is sneezing her head off… spring allergies make smelling anything difficult!)  I also love the smell of wood right after its been cut.  Golly, does that make me sound like a destructive person?

The other thing I love is the smell of cooking now that I’ve learned to use spices, thanks to my adventures into Indian cooking.  I know that slightly toasting spices before putting them in to a dish makes them more aromatic and flavorful, so the house smells wonderful when I’m cooking.  Yum.

How do you write: computer, longhand or other?

I do know how to write by hand but I don’t know how to read it after I’ve written it, which makes it a rather futile exercise.  I actually failed penmanship in grade school.  Do they still teach penmanship in school?  Give me a computer any day.  If I’m really yearning over cursive writing, I’ll use a cursive font.

Your favorite blog post that you have written? (add link)

I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it’s certainly the one that changed my life the most.  On January 26th of this year, I wrote “I’m Having An Introvert Day” and that began this wild Introvert ride that I’m on.  My blog has become incredibly popular.  I’m meeting wonderful quiet people, and some really nice extroverts, too.  (I can’t forget mentioning the extroverts who are willing to take the time to understand the rest of us.  They are special people.)  I’m learning so much about myself through all of you and through the research I’m doing.  It’s been a fabulous journey so far, and there is still so much more to explore.  Few things have lit such a passion in me.  I’m having a wonderful time.

What’s one of your favorite books from childhood?

The whole Mary Poppins series from P. L. Travers.  I had read them repeatedly before Disney ever made the movie.  (We just watched the recently released “Saving Mr. Banks”, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.  It’s about creating the Mary Poppins movie and the life of P. L. Travers.  We loved it.)

I think I started reading almost before I could walk.  It just happened.  I taught myself somehow, so I always had a pile of reading material, being the introvert that I am.  I loved mystery stories.  Still do.  So I went through all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, along with Agatha Christie.  I also loved the fantasy books like “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the whole Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books, also long before anyone thought of making a movie out of them.   “Alice in Wonderland” was a favorite.  Anything that took me away from the abusive home I grew up in was a favorite.  Had I been born now, I would be a great harry Potter fan, I’m sure.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for, and continue to be amazed by the continuing success of this blog.  I passed the “magic” 1337 followers challenge, another WordPress landmark.  I’m trying to think of ways to make it even better and more interesting.  All of you are so encouraging.  I’m having great fun with it.  Thank you for reaching out and sharing like you do.   It’s great, heartwarming and often quite funny.  Introverts are funny, funny people.

I’m looking forward to a weekend without qigong class so that I can catch up on my cooking.  We haven’t had a decent meal all week.  I bought a mandoline (new kitchen toy, hooray!) and Cee insisted on buying me some kevlar gloves to use with it so that I wouldn’t be serving slices of my fingers along with the food.  She thinks I’m accident prone.  Which reminds me, I’d better put Band-aids on my shopping list.

Thanks for visiting my world.  Have a quiet day.

share-your-world2Share Your World info and link:  Share Your World is a weekly challenge hosted by my spouse, Cee, at her photography blog. She started Share Your World years ago when she was running a number of challenges on a photography site similar to WordPress.  The majority of photographers are introverts, and they needed a way to get to know each other.  You don’t have to be a photographer to participate, though.  Grab the questions and give us your answers.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series debunking the introvert myths (Sunday) and introvert cartoons (Wednesday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.  Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

16 thoughts on “Club Introvert – Share Your World

  1. Loved sharing in these moments that are so joyful. Also love Mary Poppins! Such a hearty story. Freshly cut grass is such a perfect scent, thank you for reminding me! Wishing you a great weekend.

  2. I love that your first “official” introvert post is your favorite one. I am so glad you wrote that one and that you continue to help us bond. Carefully…and from a reasonable distance. 🙂

  3. Your answer to the reading question could have been written by me. I also came from an abusive home & used books as an escape! I wonder if abuse could be causative in shaping Introverts? In my household, it was “children should be seen & not heard” as well as “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.” Of course there was the ever popular “if I wanted to hear you speak, I would have told you what to say.” Sorry, I might be adding to your work load by suggesting another research item. But then again, maybe I’m giving you more blog post fodder?

  4. Love the smell of freshly cut grass… The hubby doesn’t like it though, guess ’cause he’s the one has to do the cutting..! 😉
    How did we ever do without computers… from emails to letter writing, from spread sheets to blogging; don’t know how I ever managed…! 🙂
    Harry Potter has become my all time favourite books; I’m just up to Book 4; started ’bout a month ago, and am looking forward to reading all of them… I wasn’t a reader in my childhood; guess I’m making up for that now..! 🙂
    I’m grateful for smiles, love and sunshine. It’s Autumn here in Oz – the weather is to my liking (sunny with cool winds). I am grateful for my man, the dogs who share our home. Gosh, the list could go on and on…
    Lots of fun – Thanks…
    Congrats on the success of your blog.. it’s obvious you’re having fun…!!! 😀

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