IBQ Writing Prompt: Focus

introvertChallengeThis week’s prompt is:


“Focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity.”  — Edward de Bono


How Does It Work?

The rules are on the IBQ page, but they are simple:  blog about what the prompt means to you and then come back here and leave a link.  There is no word limit.  Each week I will have a specific word or expression to get the creative juices flowing.  Think about them in terms of the relevance to your life.  Then sit down and write a blog.  You get extra credit if you include a photo or graphic.  Tag it with IBQ.  After you’ve posted, come back here to that week’s specific prompt page and add a link to your blog in my comment box.  Then check out what other introverts are saying.  Remember to “Follow” my blog to get your weekly reminders.

Here is my contribution.  Come back and leave a link to your contribution after you publish it.


Like many introverts, I have a huge ability to bring my focus to anything that I find interesting.  I can get lost in new ideas, research, exploring, thinking, asking questions and finding answers.  When I’m really “tuned in” the house could probably burn down around me and I’d never notice.  Focus?  I’m an expert.  The rest of the world ceases to exist for me when I’m focused.

Sometimes my focus amuses me, like when I stop typing and realize that one of my cats has climbed up on my desk and settled across my arms as I typed.  I don’t know how long he’s been there.  I never noticed because I was so focused on getting my thoughts down on paper.

I have a tendency to discount myself as a creative person because I don’t paint or write songs or do other artsy things.  That minimizing of myself is a bad habit I’m trying to break.  There are so many types of creativity.  I need to acknowledge my own brand of creativity.  Writing is one of them, certainly, but what else?

de Bono’s quote seems powerful to me because it’s the everyday things that we focus on that speak to who we really are.  They are the source of our creativity.  My focuses are Cee (soul mate), our “kids” (two cats and two pugs), qigong (an aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine), The Dougy Center (my volunteer work with grieving children and families) and now this blog and the work I’m doing with introverts.  Those are my everyday things.  They are the source of my creativity, my passion, and my joy.

I wasn’t smart enough to put all those ideas together on my own.  Cee filled in some blanks for me.  Soul mates are wonderful things to have around when you get writer’s block.

So what do those everyday things tell you about me?  That at the core of me I’m a healer.  I like to help set things right.  Help put the pieces back together again.  Help people find answers to the things that trouble them, then help them move beyond.  That’s what keeps me creative.  It keeps me writing these words, and reaching out to all of you.  As we share our experiences and realize we aren’t alone, we can start to celebrate our talents and interests.  We can laugh together.  (Introverts are so funny!)  We can encourage each other.  That is what makes my life so much fun.  My creativity is in my ability to listen, observe and think of new ways to say things.  I create word bridges to take people from one place to another.

I hope you’re enjoying this journey, because I certainly am.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series celebrating introverts (Sunday), writing prompts for introverts (Wednesday) and introvert cartoons (Thursday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.  Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.

33 thoughts on “IBQ Writing Prompt: Focus

  1. Oh my word, a blog just for us introverts how wonderful. Being an introvert is something I’ve recently braced and now that I have it’s been a journey of enlightenment and burden-shifting. Trying to fit into an extrovert world has been draining and I had lost myself in the complexities of trying to be part of the in crowd. While that sounds pathetic I got tired of hearing how how introverted I was andd I ought to get out of my shell and enjoy life more. Little did they know that my shell was, and still is, my happy place. Love this post Chris and I think you are brilliantly creative and definitely a Healer. I am too and it is a good space I which to let the creative energy flow and be passed through us to oaths. Big smiley face from an INFP 🙂

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  4. Focus! This is a hard one, I’m often too ‘focused’ to be ‘creative’, but I read somewhere that one cannot be NOT creative, whatever you do in life, however small it may be, is creative. As long as you like it, as long as your drawn toward it, you’re being creative! I have still yet to come up with ‘Focus’ though 😉

  5. Ooooo, focus is a good one. Your description of your level of focus is so familiar! I keep meaning to join in, but with the A-Z challenge, I don’t think it’s going to happen this month. So I’ll chime in in May!

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  8. Terrific post – and I’m so glad that you, Chris, have found ways to reach out and share with others. Just because one doesn’t hold a paintbrush in hand doesn’t mean that we aren’t artists and creators in other ways. Sometimes the most creative and artistic people are the ones who live and aspire to making each and every day a personal work of art. And, I must note, I’m really glad that Cee is such a wealth of comfort and shares her insight and life with you. A wonderful pair 🙂

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