Saturday Stuff: overtones and inspiration

main-qimg-dd2c2c67808936dce3b31a971817f914It’s Saturday and time for all the stuff that didn’t make it into my blogs this week.  It was a wild week with some passionate responses about the Like button.   Almost 600 views on that post.  Who would have thought something so innocuous would garner so much interest?  My experiment with cleaning up my WordPress Reader and getting off all the tonnage of emails is churning along slowly.  I continue to add all of you to the blogs that I follow and I’m finally starting to see some familiar faces showing up in my Reader.

And while I’m on the subject, how does everyone feel about WordPress’ new Daily Post look?  I’m hating it myself.  I like seeing how people responded to the daily prompt.  Or I used to.  I think the page is a mess.  They’ve replaced the pingbacks, which are hyperlinks that changed color after you’ve viewed the page, with little snapshots of your page overlaid with the post title.  Now I can’t figure out what I’ve read and what I haven’t.  How do you feel about it?

To me, the fun of the internet is all about discovering new things, sampling other cultures, and being inspired.  Here are two favorites of mine from this week:

See and hear the amazing things a human voice can do.  Exploring overtones…

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing woman, Gabby Giffords.  Gabby is a retired American politician, and the wife of an astronaut.  On January 8, 2011, a week into her third term, Giffords was a victim of a shooting which was reported to be an assassination attempt on her, at a supermarket where she was meeting publicly with constituents.  She was critically injured by a gunshot wound to the head.  (We will gloss over America’s ongoing debate over gun control and focus instead on the incredible spirit of a woman who just wants to do the impossible and make the world a better place for all of us.)

Tune in tomorrow when we talk about introverts and curiosity.  I hope you have a wonderfully quiet day.  Hugs and blessings!

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series celebrating introvert talents (Sunday), the Introverts Blog Quietly (IBQ) weekly writing prompt (Wednesday), introvert cartoons (Thursday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.    Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.


24 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff: overtones and inspiration

  1. I agree about the new look of Daily Post. It got worse.The same with Twitter and FB. They keep changing that too.Why change somethimg that was good from the start. The same with computer programs like Word. These days it takes ages before you even can find where to make the page number.

  2. Two such inspirational videos. Thanks so much for sharing them. As a singer myself, who particularly enjoys singing chant, I would love to learn how to achieve those overtones with my voice. There’s something so meditative and cosmic about that sound.

  3. I hate the new look, I’m unhappy that I don’t get to react with my pingback friends.I can’t even figure out how to get the prompts,thanks to Anglo-Swiss’ blog I got yesterdays and today’s prompts.

  4. I haven’t seen the new look yet – I will make a point of checking it out though. I am still reeling over the change in look of the HuffPost daily email feed. I’m getting really tired of professional organizations changing to look more like laid back, fun social media pages. Call me a fuddy-duddy (I guess my use of that word says it all), but I still like my news organizations to maintain some decorum to help me believe they are actually trustworthy…sigh…

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    • Ggrrrr…. and you can’t even find a way to complain to them. That’s what you get for free, I guess. Still, why would you want to make things harder for people?

      I thought you’d appreciate the overtones, being the musician that you are.

  6. I don’t like the new look either, for much the same reason as everyone else, I liked the way the pingbacks were listed, now it’s a pain the butt.

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  8. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to look through do the Daily Posts… Trying to get caught up today with some of the challenges and my own writing. Sucks to work full time and have to travel on top of it all… But soon, I will retire and have all the time in the world… Love, Lor

  9. as I’m quite new to wordpress I also have not checked that Daily Posts but I will. Thanks for that info. Yes what a story regarding Gifford. Thank you for the video of Natascha!!! It reminds me of the Om by Tibetan monks, the Inuit throat singers and singing bowls and didgeridoos.. It is mesmerizing and takes you out of this earth for time!!

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