Celebrating Introvert Curiosity

curiosity3Curiosity.  Introverts have it in abundance.  We are simply chock full of, and overflowing with curiosity.  I don’t care what kind of introvert you are, you’ve got it.

I blogged that I have this annoying habit of pausing a TV show or movie so that I could grab my iPad and look up some factoid or interesting idea that popped into my head.  I wasn’t alone in doing that.  How many of you have IMDB.com programmed into the muscle memory of your fingers?  How many of you didn’t know what IMDB.com is and just went out to look it up quickly?  Gotcha!

Then there is Google, the opiate of the introverted masses.  Aren’t search engines wonderful?  I can just get lost in following one idea after another on the internet.  I’m getting much better about overwhelming myself with open tabs on my browser, but it’s not slowing down my research.

Curiosity is why we people watch.  We just have a passion to know and understand.  We love collecting data, in all kinds or forms.  Being curious and collecting ideas is to us what a great party is to the extrovert.curiosity5

What do you do when you get a new tool or toy?  Read the instructions?  Play with it every way you can think of until you get it figured out?  And then you find forty other things you can do with it.

You probably do the same thing with software you use often.  You’ve figured out all of its bugs and how to get around them.  That’s curiosity in action.

curiosity4Curiosity is one of those traits we don’t always realize we have.  We’re just so used to questioning, investigating, thinking about the world we live in.  When I told Cee about the topic for this blog, she immediately said she wasn’t curious so it didn’t fit her.  I had to laugh out loud.  Sure, she doesn’t ask the big questions all the time, but that’s why she keeps me around.  But she does plenty on her own.  She used to drive me nuts when we went hiking because she’d never stay on the trail.  She was always wandering off to examine a pine cone, pick up a rock or spit on a handful of dirt to determine its composition.  When she gets a new camera or lens I know I won’t see her for days because she’s out getting to know what it can do, finding new things to shoot in a new way, applying a new technique.   She studies other people’s photography, always looking for a fresh perspective.

We each have our own ways of expressing our curiosity.  I drive people crazy by always having to try things for myself.  My curiosity isn’t satisfied until I’ve put my hands on things.  I never outgrew my adolescent “why” asking.  The child in me is still asking the question.  The only difference is now that I’m older it’s getting harder and harder to find the answers.

How does your curiosity pop out of you? 

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series celebrating introverts (Sunday), writing prompts for introverts (Monday) and introvert cartoons (Wednesday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.  Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.


40 thoughts on “Celebrating Introvert Curiosity

  1. My poor child…he may just leave home for school just so he won’t have to hear me spout off IMDB facts during movies we’ve seen before. IMDB and Wikipedia are my immediate shortcuts to add on new phones, tablets, etc.

    If there’s ever math/science/entertainment Jeopardy, I would win big…if I don’t freak out about being on a game show LOL.

  2. Ah yes describes me to a tee or is it tea or T ?
    Always curious to learn more, find out why, understand more about what makes people tick. From my sitting back place as an introvert there is lots of opportunity to observe and speculate. Google… Where would we curious introverts be without it? Where does that name come from? What does x mean?
    Am always surprised by how lacking in curiosity some people are. Seem much happier to work with what they see and feel around them..less interested perhaps in what lies behind.

    Like Chris I am endlessly curious about the world of introverts v extroverts.

    Came across this:
    found at http://sveidt.deviantart.com/

    What do you think?

  3. Before I had internet access of any kind I used to read the dictionary, and do the same thing I do now with search engines. I swear I’m only going online to look up one thing and emerge hours later having followed a wandering path across the internet. With a dictionary I would look for a word then get curious about synonyms an
    I also used to drive my mother mad every time we went to the bank. I couldn’t resist taking the pens apart. Eventually I was banned from trips to the bank. I found another distraction instead. The library. Great place for the curious and introverted; it’s quiet and people will leave you in peace to read, especially if you find an out of the way comfy chair.

    • I can top your pen story. When I was young, I bugged my parents for a typewriter, then took it apart because I wanted to see how it works. Typewriters have a lot of pieces to them. My father was so angry!

    • When I was a child, whenever I got a new toy I would take it apart to see how it worked. It would drive my mom crazy, until she realized that I always put it back together and they always worked. I just couldn’t play with something unless I knew how it worked. Still haven’t lost that strong sense of curiosity.

  4. Oh, Chris, I love your posts! I am that majorly curious person, but never realised it was an introvert thing….until I came across your blog. I’m the person who rarely reads an instruction manual, just play with the gizmo until I have it sussed…and yes, IMDB is well on my radar! I used to drive managers at work nuts because I wanted the why before I would do something….hoho 🙂

  5. I am also afflicted with chronic lookupitis. I get terribly side-tracked at times – see something in a blog I want to know more about, and see something in that lookup I want to know more about, and then that makes me think of a question …
    Did you know that it was originally care that killed the cat, not curiosity? And that after Shakespeare nicked it from Ben Jonson …
    Er, where was I?

  6. I chuckled at this because my daughter and I do check out things on imdb while we watch tv. But curiosity really plays itself out for me with travel. I want to know all about the world– what there is to see and do, what it’s like to live in other places. What’s different or the same compared to my life. If I could travel full-time, I’d be a very happy girl. My curiosity never runs out.

  7. Guilty as charged. Whenever I get something new, I have to scour the manual to figure out how to use it properly. I don’t always enjoy doing so, but I can’t be content with NOT doing so!

  8. I think I drive extrovert Mister up the wall sometimes with my constant “why’s”!
    As for googling, I have to be very disciplined about this when it’s official novel-writing time. The rule is, only go on line to look up something relevant to what I’m writing about. But then, of course, I want to read everything everybody has said about a certain subject, before I decide which is the most accurate version, to ensure I get my facts write in the novel.

    How boring it must be for people without curiosity, or perhaps they’re just content accepting what “is” without question.

    • Yes, curiosity is the bane and blessing of novel writers. Without it, we can’t create our stories. With it, our stories can get neglected in their birthing if we are too distracted. It’s so hard enforcing those limits on research, too.

  9. Love this. The Googling, the asking why – that’s me. I have a reputation for asking questions; sometimes I have to watch myself that I don’t bug people with too many questions, but if given the chance I’d ask them non-stop.

  10. A child’s constant question “Why?” can sometimes drive us ditsy, but many of us keep asking that until old age, still seeking answers. Learning a new language raises questions, and I was always asking my Slovak teachers “Why do I use that preposition there?” Finally, one of our professors, the one who wrote the books about the language, sighed and said to me, “Patricia, do not ask ‘why?'” Ask ‘when?’ Well, that opened up another whole area for exploration.

  11. I’ve always been curious, a people watcher, a library lurker. I love to look at the lights behind pulled curtains as I walk past houses at night and wonder who lives there, what they did, where they worked. I loved the research part of projects almost more than the project. It’s probably why I became a writer. Now that I am older, I am no longer so introverted. I still wonder at what goes on behind pulled curtains, but I’m no longer consumed by the need to know.

  12. This is so like me, it made me laugh. I was embarrassed at how excited I was that IMDb existed. And the thrill at being able to press on a word in a novel on my IPad and get the word’s definition almost makes up for the guilt I feel at not buying the hardback book.
    I think I may be a bit of a nuisance to my friends. Everything they take at face value I must question the why.

    I never really thought of this as an introvertive trait though. May I ask why you all do?

  13. I love this! I do all of those things, especially the Googling. If Google sends me to Wikipedia then I’ll be lost in the dozens of tabs I’ll have open about different articles.

    I just love… knowing, you know?

  14. This is a revelation to me! I didn’t realise the connection between curiosity and introvertism. I may not always ask the questions openly but it was certainly going on in my head. When I come across an issue, or crisis, or problem in my life, the first thing I do is research, ask questions and find out as much information as I can. Strangely, I don’t like to read manuals anymore. And I can so see my introvert son in the responses above. He was always pulling apart everything as a child. His curiosity has led him to become a protege in his field and to become a self taught life long learner! Something to be admired. Interesting post. Keep up the great work.

  15. My curiosity comes out with my lifelong love of learning. I take courses at the University level to keep learning. I just finished a course on Climate Change & am now half way through a course on Forensic Sciences. For the last 2 weeks of my Forensics course I will also be taking a course on writing because I didn’t want to have to wait months for the course to come around again. I love FutureLearn which has given me the opportunity to study various topics of interest for free!

  16. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting, and
    without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something that too few people are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I found this in my hunt for something concerning

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