Introvert Happiness is…

happyCee woke up on Friday feeling out of sorts.  You know that feeling, when you are out of phase with the world.  Everyone else is marching to a drumbeat but your drummer showed up late and had forgotten his drumsticks.  That kind of a day when you just feel twitchy and don’t know how to get back in your groove.

I knew how to help, though.  I took an early lunch, told her to bring her camera and I’d buy her a latte.  She’ll usually respond to a latte.  It was a gorgeous sunny spring day.  Everything is in bloom and looking spectacular.  Our car was filthy, so I drove to the car wash, and that gave Cee a nice photo shoot.  If a latte doesn’t spark her up, a good photo opportunity always does the trick.

The last thing she said to me as I was falling asleep that night was a heartfelt thank you for making her day such a nice one.

That got me thinking about happiness.  Contrary to popular belief, introverts are happy people.  Give us a good book (camera, sketch pad, etc.) and a quiet spot and we are happy people.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy.  I love people watching at the beach, riding in the car as we drive through the country, having my cat purring on top of me when I’m taking a nap.

But what happens when we do get out of it and need a shot of happiness?  Extroverts just need to grab a few friends and go do something together.  Introverts get their happiness from within, so it’s not so easy.  I did a little research (happiness 🙂 points for doing research) and came up with some ideas that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few days.

For today, I’d like to share a couple of things that make me happy.


Perfectly poached eggs and toast with strawberry jam for breakfast.  I love poached eggs but have never gotten the hang of making them in water.  Cee finally talked me into splurging on myself and buying a wonderful Calphalon poaching pan.  The simple pleasures are the best, I think.

041712 all 4 kids croppedOur “kids”, from top right down to bottom right) Mackenzie, Shadow, Charlie and Freddie.  They are a riot.  The top three are rescue animals.  Mac was found wandering the streets mostly starved to death.  A little pug has a hard time getting into garbage cans.  Shadow was forced to be a mother in a puppy mill from the time she first came into heat.  She was the product of inbreeding, so she’s deaf and drags one of her rear feet because of nerve damage in her leg, but she is the happiest and most loving dog you’ll ever find.  Charlie was scheduled to be killed because no one wanted to adopt him from the cat shelter.  I saw him and it was love at first sight.  He is our guard cat, too, which is why he’s always front and center when something is happening.  Freddie is the only one who came to us as a baby.  He is the gentlest, quietest, softest little fellow.  I know they all look pretty serious in this shot, but when they start goofing off, the house gets to rocking.  And they all fight for lap time in the evenings.  They’re great.

011312 Peaceful 63b

The cherry trees in bloom in the spring.  No, this isn’t our garden.  Don’t I wish it were!  It’s a shot I took at the Japanese Gardens in Portland a few years ago.  I love the springtime when everything is blooming and coming back alive.  We’ve planted a goji berry tree this year and the spring bulbs have been glorious.  What amazes me where we live are all the different shades of green.  Because we live in a temperate rain forest, we have a huge variety of trees and they all flower and leaf out in different ways and at different times.  Spectacular!

So what makes you happy? 

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  Look for my ongoing series celebrating introvert talents (Sunday), the Introverts Blog Quietly (IBQ) weekly writing prompt (Wednesday), introvert cartoons (Thursday), plus anything else interesting that I find in the meantime.    Come and share with like-minded introverts.  I also contribute to the new food blog Three’s Cooking, learning to cook from the heart, for the soul.


40 thoughts on “Introvert Happiness is…

  1. One of the many things that makes me happy is reading blogs like this one – and looking at Cee’s photos, and deciding early in the day – or the middle or late – to grab the camera and go see what I can see. Then of course there are my family, friends and furry girls.

  2. Waiting with anticipation for your research on how introverts pull ourselves out of an “out of sorts” day like Cee was having. How nice of you to give her comfort with latte and her amazing carwash photos. One thing that always cheers me up on an “off” day is a visit to my library – there’ll always be something there to transport me away from my blahs.

    • We have a great little library here. They are fun places to go. Hopefully your weather is starting to shift into spring. My boss was in town this week from Denver and she said it was 18 with snow and ice when she left so she was really glad to get to Portland and springtime.

      • I don’t remember 18 degrees snd snow last week but that might be my selective memory :-). Beautiful and sunny today. Golfing tomorrow with Hub. All good here. Hope you and Cee have a fun week coming up!

  3. What makes me happy is a good book on a Sunday afternoon with kitties and hubby nearby, Or, like the other day when it was beautiful and sunny, a long walk along the water with hubby and camera in hand. Love seeing pictures of your crew!

    • I need to put up some pics of the kids sleeping together, including the ones with the cat and dog sharing a bed. They always make me smile, as does the snoring of our pugs.

  4. I was never one for poached eggs, but those two would make me happy right this minute! They look yummy.
    The garden? Well, how could one not be happen taking the view in. Nice! Happy days and I hope Cee’s doing better.

  5. That cherry tree is absolutely magnificent! In keeping with the plant idea, I love our Japanese maple with its delicate leaves and gentle sloped shape.

    I also love the music of Carla Bruni. She is French and her music transports me to a sidewalk patisserie with a baguette and glass of fabulous wine. What more could I ask? 🙂

  6. A lot of things makes me happy. When my favorite car racer gets in top 3 in a race.Cycling to the nature and the only one there is me and the singing birds. Listening to music. Knowing there are people like you and Cee.Rescuing innocent animals. That’s really nice of you. There should be more people like you.

  7. “Contrary to popular belief, introverts are happy people. Give us a good book (camera, sketch pad, etc.) and a quiet spot and we are happy people. It doesn’t take much to make us happy.” Could not have said this better myself!

  8. Chris! We are very similar on this one. Before I scrolled down to see what makes you happy, two first things that came to mind of what makes me happy were chocolate and flowers. You didn’t mention chocolate, but you did mention cherry trees which counts as flowers because a garden would do it too for me 😉
    Anyway, besides chocolate and flowers, I looove poached eggs too. When we lived in NC, we had our favorite brunch place and I would always order the same thing: eggs arnold (poached eggs, with tomatoes and artichoke hearts, on top of sourdough), that makes me happy.
    Also, when we lived in NC, we had two adopted kitties, Cubby and Simba, who were also “our kids” and they made me super happy.
    Where I am now, I can’t have pets, so to satiate my kitty happiness, I volunteer at the cat shelter!

    • Hi, Mani. Don’t tell anyone but I don’t like chocolate. Yes, yes, I know. That really makes me an outsider. Cee loves dark chocolate, the darker the better.
      Eggs Arnold sounds great. I never thought of putting them on top of sourdough but that would taste great.
      Are you still stuck in Portland?

  9. It is something that my children do not understand about me. They feel that when they see me partying / travelling / climbing mountains / saving the world I will be happy. They do not realise how much pleasure I derive from getting up to watch the sunrise.

  10. It’s so true that one can derive happiness from such simple things in life. But only if you look for it! Snuggling against my husband while he watches hockey and me reading a book is happiness for me. Never mind that I accidentally get pushed off when a goal is scored or I have earplugs in to block out his yelling and occasional swearing. 🙂 Great blog and thanks for pointing out the simple pleasures that is happiness!!!

  11. I am easily to be happy. With a good read, film, iPad, smooth wifi, reading post like this or other beautiful ones. Does make me happy. Have I told you that get into a challenge like Cee’s or daily post or other blog challenges also makes me happy? A cup of green tea with rock sugar, play with my daughters, chit-chat with husband. I can be happy with just simple things. Nice post, Chris.

  12. As always enjoyed this. Food for thought as always too.

    I’ve thought about the expression “out of sorts” before. Funny that we don’t talk about being “in sorts” to mean all is well with the world. Must look it up.

    For my moments:
    A walk always does it. Always something to catch the eye and muse on. A camera always to hand either a real camera or the great one in my iPhone. That invariably gets me back in balance.

    A big bowl of summer berries with goats yogurt… Yum. That helps for sure.

    And reading something inspiring on line or in books and that then fills my brain and squeezes the out of sorts feelings out.

  13. Pugs 🙂 I used to own one. They’re such characters and so terribly funny. I have a chocolate Labrador now and such a pleasure she is to have around. And her favourite toy is a Mr Happy that my son owned when he was little!

  14. Agreed!! Great post. Nothing makes me happier than to begin an adventure (project) of my own. And I have struggled with my emotions all my life, so this! “No one knows what makes the soul wake up so happy! Maybe a dawn breeze has blown the veil from the face of God.”- Rumi

  15. Lovely blog and outing.. Little things make me happy… I seldom get bored, depressed, or sad unless tragedy strikes… I love reading great blogs as this one, enjoy my quiet time, on occasion, like to be out with friends, seeing my kids and grand kids, just about anything brings me additional joy…

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