Sharing My World – Week 20

Four colourful alarm clocks isolated on white background 3DHere is my contribution to Share Your World for this week.  (Scroll to the bottom for more info on SYW.)

If you could go back and visit any time period, what time would you travel to and why?

I would go back to the future (subtle movie reference) and see how things turned out.  How did the world continue to evolve after I died?  Many jump forward fifty or even a hundred years.  Not too far.  Did global warming start to take over?  Did the world get smarter about pollution?  Did peace, love and compassion spread?  Did religions quit fighting each other?  I’d want to land in the same town and see what happened next.

If you could have three wishes granted for you alone, what would they be?  This is a time for you to dream and have fun.

I have all I need (the love of my life) but I’d sure like to retire so I could sleep in, drop all the stress and spend more time reading and seeing the beauty of nature. So I’d have one wish – to have enough money to be financially secure and have some to give away.  I want more time to read.  Just read.  Explore inside my head.  Write.  Savor life.  Time, I want more time.

Wanting something to quench your thirst, what would you drink?

Hot water.  I’ve learned from my qigong teacher to boil my water and then wait for it to cool down just enough to drink it.  It’s so much better for the body.  Clean water at a stomach-friendly temperature.

Cee had the same answer and some people questioned why you should heat your water.  Think about it.  Normal internal body temperature is 98.6 F for a reason.  If we deviate just a few tenths of a degree higher, we know we have a fever and something is wrong.  If we go a few tenths of a degree lower, it means that our body is weak and can’t even maintain normal functioning.  Too high or too low and we die.  It’s much easier on the body to give it something easy to process.

If you watch TV what are your favorite three television shows?

NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, Downton Abbey (and almost everything British that’s on American Public television, which drives Cee crazy sometimes because she can’t understand the language or culture or humor), HGTV (a home and garden channel) and Food Network (cooking).

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for Cee.  I couldn’t imagine a better partner in life.  I’ve been training my replacement at work and moving on to another part of the company and she’s kept me on even keel when things got crazy (like finding four meetings on my calendar for the same hour of the day, and that happened two days in a row).  When I’m deep in the weeds, she comes and drags me back to even ground.  She teaches me to see things with a broader vision.

I’m looking forward to finally making it to the Iris and Peony festivals.  We tried last weekend but they were too crowded.  I love all the beauty, especially at the iris gardens.  Acre after acre of incredible blooms.

share-your-world2Share Your World info and link:  Share Your World is a weekly challenge hosted by my spouse, Cee, at her photography blog. She started Share Your World years ago when she was running a number of challenges on a photography site similar to WordPress.  The majority of photographers are introverts, and they needed a way to get to know each other.  You don’t have to be a photographer to participate, though.  Grab the questions and give us your answers.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

13 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 20

  1. You just made my heart smile. Your comments about having all you need and Cee being your balancer, keeping you on an even keel – there are no words. Only incredibly wonderful feelings of happiness, peace and songs from the heart.

    • Thanks, Carol. I know that you can appreciate all too well what it means to have people you love in your life. I’m glad I could bring you a little smile. Many hugs, my dear.

  2. I would only visit another time period if there was a guaranteed return trip, too. Don’t forget the Gotchas!

    I hate having to work, so Money is always at the top of my list of wishes. I might add a “never run out” qualifier, just in case! Time would be much appreciated, too.

    My normal body temperature is a degree or two below 98.6, but I beg to differ that it’s weak and/or not functioning normally. I get what you’re conveying, though. Another school of thought is that cold water revs up the body a little, to raise the water’s temperature and give a temporary metabolic boost. Personally I drink most things at room temp because I’m used to that.

  3. Wishes! Yours was a sensible wish, I think…. I always say to people be careful what you wish for, as I always wished to retire early. Never imagining ill health would force the issue!!

  4. I’m totally with you on traveling forward in time to see how things turned out. I wonder if it’s because we are optimists and expect humanity to finally figure it out. Imagine how awful it would be if we were wrong.

    So sweet to read about Cee. Having a spouse that “gets” us and keeps us grounded is a rare gift. I’ll have to check out her blog as well. 🙂

  5. I think it would be great to be able to go to the future to see how things turn out, too. But I’d want it to be far in the future–far after any of my kids, grand-kids, or even great grand-kids are gone. If things are really bad, I don’t want to see any of my near bloodline suffer. 😦

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