Children Saving the World

screenshot_318I have to admit to being skeptical when huge, multinational corporations make claims about how eco-conscious they are.   Talk is cheap, as they say, and a good environmental ad campaign can bring sales up.  But do they practice what they claim?  In the case of Unilever, I think they do.  They’ve been getting some good reviews on positive changes they are making.  I’m going to be an optimist and showcase one of their new endeavors, Project Sunlight.

If all of us can only encourage the creative thinking of the children in this video, these young people will create a new world for themselves and their children’s children.  This is the kind of message that everyone needs to see.  I hope these young people uplift your day.


4 thoughts on “Children Saving the World

  1. There comes a point in every discussion I have with a younger person, that I say something along the lines of “it’s your world, squirrel.” I feel as if we are turning over the reigns to some very worthy, very capable young hands…

  2. From one curmudgeon to another: thanks for sharing that. Awaiting the dire consequences of our decades of carelessness is not the thing to do. Young minds — which can be housed in not-so-young bodies, by the way — attentively addressing our challenges, can result in fantastic results. As they said in the 60s, Write On!

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