Unexpected Oddball Moments

PaintMan4One thing I’ve learned by living with a photographer is to always be looking for an interesting photo opportunity. I think my favorite oddball moment was when we found ourselves behind a truck transporting a portable rock climbing wall.  The wall was on a long flatbed trailer, anchored to a metal plate.  We followed them to the festival grounds where they were going to put it up, and got some great shots of it, inside and out.

Then there was the time we saw the Oscar Mayer Weiner-mobile, a van made to look live a giant hot dog.  Fortunately, it was going to our local grocery store as part of a promotional tour, so Cee was able to get some fun shots of that.

This morning we stumbled upon a great one.  I was in the left turn lane, waiting to turn onto the main road out of town, when Cee spotted a strange vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food place.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dinosaur head as a hood ornament and all sorts of wild shapes adorning every square inch of a van.  I did a quick maneuver to circle back, hoping the driver wouldn’t be gone by the time I got our car turned around.  Fortunately, he was still there.

The owner of this strange vehicle was painting signs on the shop windows, and was pleased that we appreciated his fabulous creation.  He explained to Cee that everything was made out of foam rubber.  He’d been working on it for five years and still had a lot more he wanted to do with it.  She had a great time taking a lot of shots, and you’ll see them show up some day on her blog.  We like grabbing the oddball stuff.  Cee even hosts an oddball challenge for all the pictures photographers take that are good, and interesting, but that don’t fit into their main body of work.

Here are a couple pictures of the painter, the photographer and the wild ride.



13 thoughts on “Unexpected Oddball Moments

  1. Yes if there is a photo op, Cee will find it! I think it’s fun to be aware of your surroundings!

  2. As someone who loves photography, I feel the same way…there’s always a photo opportunity waiting somewhere nearby. So your oddball photos are photo of Cee taking photos of something oddball. Very odd. 🙂


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