My geeky side

I should be getting out this week’s Share Your World, but I just feel like goofing off, so I thought I’d show you a little of my geeky side… some of the odd stuff I find interesting.

One of our favorite TV shows, Grey’s Anatomy, has doctors creating body parts with 3D printers.  I don’t know how far that technology has come in real life, but I have found some interesting applications of it.  There is a home version of a printer coming up for sale at $250, so it’s getting affordable.  I wouldn’t know how to operate one, but I suppose it will come with some sort of software, wouldn’t you think?

Here is a new 3D pen that lets you doodle in mid-air.  Yes, doodle… with liquified metal so that you get a 3D tangible object.  Here’s an article about it and a picture of some doodles.


Isn’t that amazing?  Here’s the video of someone doodling with the 3D pen:

And one more video, this time of some Disney research that is creating a flexible teddy bear made out of yarn:


Hey, all you Star Trek fans, the replicator has become real.  The future is now.  Wow!  I remember carbon paper, the mimeograph machine, the first Xerox copier, the early days of faxes (those phone calls were really expensive), email, and home printers.  We hardly ever use our printer any more.  We can send everything digitally.  But what if you could create a 3D version of a photo, just by digitizing it and then printing a scaled version of it?  That would be an amazing vacation memento.  What an interesting world we are moving into.


8 thoughts on “My geeky side

  1. The university hospital here in Little Rock is working with a local tech shop/maker space to build 3-D-printed prostheses, customized for each individual who will receive them, for underserved areas, especially in Africa. So, the technology is already there.
    The pen looks really cool…I want one!

  2. Yes. In patients who are missing bits of facial or skull bone (from trauma or, tumour resections), we use digital information from CT scans which reconstruct a 3D picture, we can feed this into a machine which in turn can create out of acrylic the missing piece of skull or facial bone in real 3D dimensions. I can them put this piece in place with plates and screws, like repairing a fracture to reconstruct the missing skull or facial bone. The construct is not 100% accurate and we still have to shape the edges a bit for it to fit perfectly. But Amazing stuff.

  3. 3D technology is in the realm of magic for me. I find it absolutely incredible. That 3D pen however, it something I could wrap my head around. How much fun could an artist have with something like that!!!!!

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