To Comma or not to Comma?

If I have two character flaws, they would be multislacking (see my previous blog for a definition), and a deep, abiding, unabated, and profound love of the comma.  For those of you who care, I am a believer in the Oxford comma, too. Out of the fourteen punctuation marks in the English language, the comma is my favorite.  I dearly treasure that little pause.  We rush through our reading and writing all too quickly.  Can there be too much of a simple rest?  Say it is not so!

I know I’m prone to overusing the little guy.  My editors have told me so.  But who gives them the right to be the comma police?  Ha!  Let’s strike a blow for comma independence.

And now, a little comma levity to entertain you.



Comma Image



Written in response to WordPress’ Daily Prompt:  By the Dots


Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

28 thoughts on “To Comma or not to Comma?

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  2. I like all forms of punctuation, but I don’t know that I have a favourite – I know I have a difficult relationship with full stops, though, I never use them enough, so I probably do rely too heavily on the poor old comma to act as understudy. Without the comma I’d definitely have to learn to shorten all my sentences because otherwise I’d just ramble on and on and on and on until my poor reader was blue in the face because I hadn’t given them any indication whatsoever as to when to pause and take a breath… 🙂

  3. Chris,

    Wonderful post. I am also guilty of the use (or over use of the comma), perhaps I suffer from a comma addiction. But really, can you ever have enough of these little guys?

    Take care,

  4. My husband is a comma lover, too. Sometimes, he uses them like dashes or ellipses to signify a long pause. As in, “You’re great, honey,,,,,,,come over here.”

  5. The comma is also my favourite punctuation mark but I am not a fan of its overuse. There’s a great book out there called Eats, Shoots, and Leaves or is it Eats Shoots and Leaves. Either way it brings home the importance of the comma in a humorous way.

  6. I love commas but I want to use them when I want to! I had a creative writing tutor that tried to make me use them in different places so I said that I write as I speak and that sometimes means I don’t stop to draw breath so why would I use a comma? commas are subjective, see what I mean? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Whatever happened to the comma that follows the final item in a list? I remember, have never forgotten, and still use it before the ‘and’ in a sentence with lists of thoughts, things, and descriptions.

  8. I have to admit to being a bit of a semicolon fan, I have friends who’ll actually get angry if they see one though so they feel like my dirty little secret. I had an English teacher who said that overuse of the comma was the American curse on the English language; seemed a bit harsh, even at the time, but I do like the mental image of clandestine commas sneaking into paragraphs like a tadpole army. Thanks!

  9. Who knows when to actually use commas? I put them in, to slow the reading pace or to make a sentence clearer. But does it belong according to the Comma Law. Who knows? I’d like to know.

  10. You share the same firmly held beliefs as Mark @ Mark My Words. I worked in the newspaper industry for a lot of years & we stripped everything bare, so I got out of using commas & have never gone back. I personally don’t like the Oxford comma – I am however in love with semi-colons! 😉

  11. I’m with you all the way. As an editor, I constantly see the havoc in meaning wrought by NOT including the Oxford comma!
    One of the things most people fail to take into account when placing commas is whether they are dealing with a dependent clause or and independent one.

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