Sitting with beauty – healing for the soul

I know I’ve been out of touch for a while.  I let myself get overwhelmed and burned out by too many things going on in my life.  So I’ve been stopping to cherish the moment.   I would like to share with you some of my Sunday.

Cee and I went up to a favorite place, Hughes Water Garden, in Tualatin, Oregon, USA.  I like to tell you where we are, just in case you’ve been nearby.  It’s fun to share memories.  Hughes has a large collection of water lilies and lotuses.  Their gardens are scenic, imaginative and just downright beautiful.  Their water fountains and ponds are decorated in ways that spark your imagination.

After roaming through the hot houses, I went to my favorite bench. It was cool and overcast, a perfect place to sit and ruminate after the steaminess of the hot houses.  Here is the bench I used, to the right of center and a little up from the mid line, to the left of the blooming dogwood tree, underneath the weeping willow:


Can’t see it?  Wait.  Let me zoom in  a little.  Is this better?

bench2HughesSit with me for a moment and relax.   Look at the reflections of the reeds and grasses in the calmness of the water.


Look up and take in the whole panorama.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  So peaceful.


The waterlilies were sleeping in today.  It’s been cool and rainy the last week, but by next week when the sun is in its full summer glory, they will be spectacular.  I had to peep between the grasses and ferns to see them hiding.

lily1 lily2 lily3I wanted to wax eloquent about the beauty of the place, but I can’t find the words.  I figure the pictures are worth about 8,000 words, so you don’t need any more from me.


Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

23 thoughts on “Sitting with beauty – healing for the soul

  1. I can only say Wow! This looks like a place where your soul can float away and come back relaxed and calm. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them

  2. Welcome back, Chris. It is important to refresh the soul from time to time – and these images are so tranquil and beautiful that I felt calmed just looking at them. xxx

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  4. Sometimes a break is good for you… I have had a break from blogging too. When I felt guilty about it, I had to remind myself that I started blogging for enjoyment not to add another stress to my life. But it is good to see you back!

  5. These images are lovely. I find that as I age, I appreciate nature much more than I used to when I was younger.

  6. Beautiful, restful, serene.. I think these photos do the talking nicely here. Hope you are feeling recharged, good to see you back.

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  10. I took a break from the blog too, only to discover that I was no longer subscribed to you & Cee. I’m glad she stopped by to “like” my blog again and let me find you guys.

    Glad you’re taking care of yourself. That really does need to come first, especially with the kind of job you work.


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