Joy Is…

I’ve started to keep a joy list.  What’s a joy list, you ask?  It’s a list of endings to the sentence

Joy is…

the smell of freshly cut wood.

going outside in the early morning and enjoying the look and smell of the world just waking up.  Everything is so fresh and clean.

having a cat sleeping on me and hearing his purring.

when my beloved and I finish each other’s sentences or laugh together at the same funny thing.  It’s wonderful to be able to share my world with someone who loves me.

watching my garden grow.

a lazy day.

seeing all the colors of the summer flowers.

the crisp sound of cutting into a cold watermelon and the delightful slurp of the first bite.

corn on the cob.

Shepherd’s Pie.  I don’t know why I like it so much, but it’s one of my favorite meals.

the feel of finally settling down into bed at the end of a long and demanding day.  Feeling my muscles relax and my whole body sigh in relief.

watching birds at my bird feeder.

seeing my two little pugs running down the hallway toward me first thing in the morning.  They get a biscuit as a reward for going outside and doing their business, and they are so happy to come see me.  Pugs are natural clowns and they smile better than any other dog.  Their exuberance is so much fun to see.

So that’s part of my list.  What would be on your joy list?  I challenge you to start your list and add to it every day.  See how many things you can find to put on your list for the rest of this month.  Then please share it with me.

Hugs and blessings.


I’m an introvert just cruising through this Universe, trying to make sense of my world.  My writings always reflect my introvert perspective.  Please join me on my journey. 

14 thoughts on “Joy Is…

  1. I really like your Joy LIst. I would put a cat purring very near the top of my list. Sometimes I wish I could purr just so I could express how happy and content I felt.
    … and I agree that climbing into bed at night, bone tired from a good day, is one of life’s great joys šŸ™‚

  2. Waking up each morning with early bird songs is one of the best. Also Trompie who sleeps with me on my bed stretching and turning around cuddling up for another 5 minutes!

  3. Oooh. Love this idea. šŸ™‚ Very visceral, which is great! Really supports one technique of learning to focus on the good, which is to wallow but on the right kind of memories, the good ones.

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  6. Joy is: watching a Blue Bomber game where the Bombers win; watching the Edmonton Eskimos win their football game; watching the expressions on my daughter’s face as she relates some story about her life; air conditioning; quiet neighbors.

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