Confessions of a burned out blogger

burnedOut I haven’t been blogging for a while, except for occasional Share Your World posts.  Oh, I’ve wanted to.  I’ve missed you.  I know I still have old friends to play with and new friends to meet.  But the truth is that I burned myself out and needed a break.

Some of you have commented that I seemed more like an extravert than an introvert, and you were right, in a way.  I was doing on my blog what I do at work…. I put on my extravert face so I could communicate with almost 1800 people.  I didn’t realize I was doing it.  I was caught up in the thrill of growing the blog and finding all of you, my introverted sisters and brothers.  It was fun sharing our experiences, speaking our own language, knowing that I’d be understood.  It was safe.  It was exciting.  Until I drained myself of all my energy.  Wearing a fake extravert face takes a lot of energy.HideInBed

So I stepped back and just vegged out a little.  i did the blogging equivalent of hiding in bed with the covers over my head.  I got to the point of not wanting to interact with anyone, online or in real life.  I needed time to recharge.

I think I’ve done that now, but I’m still feeling a little cautious, a little hesitant to dive back in.  What is I mess it up again and take all the fun out of blogging?  Baby steps back into the swing of things.

Thanks for waiting for me.  It’s good being back.  I will enjoy catching up with all of you.  We still have a lot to share.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.


49 thoughts on “Confessions of a burned out blogger

  1. You & I are in the same boat! I had to take a break too because I was feeling overwhelmed by the obligations of my blog. I have managed to post a couple Tickle Me Tuesday posts but I’m easing my way back in. I have a lot of posts to read to get caught up. It feels like I would miss too much if I just deleted them.

  2. Blogging is like a race-PC-Game. You have to drive through wordpressland and there are lots of cities with it’s own structures and roadmaps. You have to hit every house with your car and you get points for it. The citities are getting bigger and bigger with bigger streets and more houses. If you have luck, other drivers are driving through the same cities and behind you. You don’t realize that your Car is damaged and has to be repared, because your only looking forwards, not backwards. Someday there’s the big bang and you are bursted.
    The problem is, you can’t turn back time, no level back…
    The breaks between my race times are getting longer, and more often. And there’s a life outside the race, surprisingly.

  3. I have missed you Chris and I have been doing a lot of catching up on the blogs I follow over recent weeks. I too felt the need to unwind and step back to allow the sap to rise again. I’m not there yet but I am enjoying visiting and commenting, rather than trying to post something funky each day. Take care and ease yourself back into things.

  4. I noticed that you did that and thought: where do you get your energy from?
    And I’ve missed you!

    But I shouldn’t say something! I’m almost where you are/have been. Doing a little of the ordinary, but also have the feeling I don’t want to. Don’t want to do anything more but the absolute must. Just vegetating.

    Nevertheless! I’m glad you’re not gone forever from the blogging community!
    Take care!!!!!

    • I’ve missed you, too, Ninna. When did you change your blog’s theme and get a new avatar? I feel like I’ve been gone for six months now. Everything has changed. Hugs 🙂

  5. Thanks for expressing how I feel.
    Sometimes I look at my inbox and think ‘wow – this is becoming a full time job” … and the (self-imposed) pressure to say something meaningful / witty.
    I have to keep reminding myself that this is supposed to be fun and no one is making me do this 🙂
    Hope we both find the happy balance point.

    • Thanks, Carrie. It’s fascinating all the little ways we can use up our energy without even knowing it’s happening to us. Who would think blogging could do it? But it certainly does. So much for the impersonal, anonymous internet! I don’t know about extraverts, but I think introverts tend to invest is all relationships a lot, even the internet variety.

  6. I’ve had a break or two recently, so I’m with you…. I am not posting as much now, but dipping in to see how others are getting on. Life outside blogging takes up enough time….

  7. Hey Chris, perhaps have a go at posting some haiku poems and, or photographs sometimes instead. It’s a real commitment to write longer posts and it should never become a burden, or something that leads to feelings of guilt if you’ve not always the time, energy, or inspiration.

    I find the writing of haiku and my nature photography both wonderfully relaxing and inspiring pursuits for an introvert, as well as being a good thing to share with other introverts. My longer posts usually happen once a week or once a fortnight on a Saturday, and often involve guests or book reviews.

    I think that people are often very busy during the week and, with the best will in the world, can’t spend so much time reading blogs. So give yourself a break. Haiku and Qi Gong are worthy partners. Enjoy.

    • Those are some good ideas, Sarah. I love your haiku, but it’s one form of poetry I’ve never been able to master. I need to spend more time with my camera. I think you’re right about that. Sometimes living with a photographer like Cee can get pretty overwhelming. We go out for a little photo shoot and she comes home with hundreds of photos to my ten. I just like a little snap to go with a few words. That’s what I should start doing. Great ideas.

  8. For me, one of the wonderful things about blogging is that I have no deadlines, no need to post if I wish not to, days off whenever I want, and it’s all done in the privacy of my home. Erratic posting is okay. I’m here to suit myself and if others join me, great!

  9. This was a great read, Chris. I confess, I’ve dropped my daily habits for a spell, too. Should there be guilt? No. A chance to recharge? Definitely.

  10. I remind myself that I started blogging as a hobby, so that I don’t feel the pressure and disregard the expectations. I don’t need another ‘job’! I have been very pleasantly surprised by how my blogger friends understands accept my sporadic input whenever I am ready. They are the friends that matter! We will always be here do just do what you feel like!

    • And you put so much into your blogs, too. Your last one left me unable to comment. It was so intensely personal and painful, but very beautiful at the same time. There were no words to share after that blog, but I did just sit with you in silence, reflecting, being there with you. I wanted you to know that.

  11. It must be a blogger thing, these breaks. I took a break for almost two months. I am now seeing that it is all series of ups and downs, depending on the likes and comments.
    Well, I can only speak for myself.

  12. I love your blog- it helps me understand my introvert daughter who had to grow up in an extroverted family, which explains why she spent a lot of time in her room with the covers over her head. 🙂

    • Thanks for that comment, Sue. That’s why I do this blog, to reach out and help all of us understand each other. It’s comments like yours that make it worthwhile. Hugs.

  13. I’m slowly coming back to blogging after a break. There have been a number of reason I took a break and while I should probably post it on my blog, some of the reasons I don’t feel like blogging would take a dim view of my thoughts.

    a) My mother reads it. I’d love to talk about how I lost weight, but I don’t feel like hearing day in and day out from her how I didn’t need to do what I did. She LOVES to pontificate about my weight and I don’t need to give her any ammunition.

    b) I have several readers who are only interested in my photographs. My photography is really good and I enjoy it, but I blog to write. It’s discouraging that the most vocal ones skip over what I’ve written to comment on my pictures. That tends to not be in the written comments – my faithful followers read what I write. The comments come verbally from friends and family, who also feel free to pressure me to put more pictures out there (and not bother writing so much text).

    c) I’m tired at night and weekends are a hectic catching up of everything that doesn’t get done. I just don’t have the brain cells to rub together very often to make a decent post.

    d) I have a bunch of followers that I do not know. I’ve looked at their blogs and their body of work is extremely unimpressive. They don’t leave me notes or likes, they’ve made no efforts to get to know me, and I have no idea if they’re trying to poach my work or if they are hoping I will follow them back. I’m finding it creepy. How do these people find me and why do they care what I write if they never want to become friends? I could spend my time running all over to leave them comments, but then for sure I’d never have time to blog. I don’t know you & Cee real well, but for sure we recognize each other’s name when our likes and comments show up on each others blog!

    Sorry this got so long, but looking at it, I for sure don’t want to post this on my blog. Thanks (in advance) for letting me rant.


  14. I totally understand, I often have bouts like that and wonder how you keep up with all the comments that require bringing up the extrovert side of us to reply! But I feel content and free here, because so many of us share what we as introverts feel, and I don’t feel so different and estranged anymore in mund. So we come and we go, and we all understand.

  15. Seems that I’m not alone. There are and have been many times where I struggle to Post something on my Blog that others may enjoy. Sadly, I don’t get that many comments at all. Sorta wish I did to let me know if people out there like it. Have considered stopping my Blog & out! Have not gotten that far yet. I don’t know what other Bloggers out there enjoy. I have trouble putting down on the screen what I’m thinking. I keep trying. Best Regards, Les

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