Hunter or Dreamer, Which Are You?

screenshot_342I miss writing very much.  (Sorry, but blogging doesn’t count as writing for me.  I need something broader, deeper, where you can develop characters and have them interact.)   I have three days off from work, and I’ve started a Natalie Goldberg marathon.  I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the US, Goldberg is well respected as a creative writing teacher, with a string of best selling books on the craft of writing.

In “Wild Minds; Living the Writer’s Life”, she has a chapter on the Stalker (Hunter) and the Dreamer.  That’s a reference to the teachings of Carlos Castaneda’s don Juan books.  The hunter is someone who learns by watching others, listening to what they do and say, like a hunter stalking his prey.  He absorbs instructions from others and mimics them.  He learns by following the outside world.

The Dreamer, however, has to try things her own way, by getting inside her own head, trying, failing, analyzing and trying again.  She lives by her inner world.

I had to think about this and introverts.  Maybe there’s a middle type of learner.  As introverts we are hunters.  We watch, observe, listen carefully, but usually in the background.  We don’t want to draw attention ourselves so we don’t ask questions or volunteer to participate in a demonstration.

But we’re also dreamers, aren’t we?  We take everything we’ve been watching, reading, hearing, and analyze it in our own way, then we try things out, fail, reconsider, try again, but in our own way, and on our own time frames.  We are dreamers, capable of making intuitive leaps with our multifaceted thinking.

I’m a person who doesn’t do well in standard classrooms.  I’m usually bored by the coursework, but the truth is that I can’t retain anything by any framework other than my own.  I have to grasp the high level concepts and create my own framework before things will make sense to me.  Then I can start to acquire details and plug them in.

I am also a person who has to try everything for herself.  I don’t pay attention to the recommendations of others.  I have to have first hand knowledge.  I can watch someone do something, see them fail or succeed, it doesn’t matter which, and still have to try it myself.  Not because I think I’ll be better at it, but because I learn by doing.  This used to drive Cee crazy.  In fact, it still does.  When I told her I was going to write this, she just rolled her eyes at me in benign acknowledgement of my foible.  But she’s managed to live with me for almost twenty-six years now, so she knows that’s just the way I am.  I have to try it myself.  By doing it with my own hands, my brain understands better.

So I guess I’m more dreamer than anything else.  Always dreaming, and seeking understanding through my inner dreams.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me ME, the individual that I am.  A couple of weeks ago, Cee’s Share Your World blog had this question:

What makes you unique?

I wrote my answer but never posted it:

I honestly don’t know. 

I need to see the big picture in everything.  I’m good at details, too, but I need the context of the big picture to make sense out of them. 

I like working with grieving children and families.

At the age of 60, I committed to a six year program of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The next book on my reading list is “Eighty days : Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s history-making race around the world”.  Who knows what it will be next week?  I bounce all over the place, always wanting to know more about more.

Does all of that count as being unique?

How about you?  Hunter or Dreamer?  How are you unique?good day

 Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

5 thoughts on “Hunter or Dreamer, Which Are You?

  1. I am discovering that 90% of writers are introverts and we have a lot in common. However I am now discovering at the ripe old age of 55 that I am finding courage, doing, exploring worlds I would never have thought about in my twenties. An example, I recently swam across the Boyne during a night time exercise with the local river rescue team. An activity I would have hidden away from until now. Perhaps it is due to my curiosity about other peoples lives (when I am creating characters) which pushes me to do this or perhaps it is an age thing. What do you think?

  2. “I am also a person who has to try everything for herself. I don’t pay attention to the recommendations of others. I have to have first hand knowledge. I can watch someone do something, see them fail or succeed, it doesn’t matter which, and still have to try it myself.”

    DITTO!!! 🙂

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