Sharing My World – Week 46

111414after before_1Here is my contribution to Share Your World for this week.  (Scroll to the bottom for more info on SYW.)

On a vacation what you would require in any place that you sleep? 

A good bed, not too soft, not too firm, plus a dark and quiet room, with a clean bathroom.

Music or silence while working?

Silence.  Absolutely.  I believe in a single focus while I’m working.

If you were to move and your home came fully furnished with everything you ever wanted, list at least three things from your old house you wish to retain?

Of old furniture, nothing.

What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?

Airplanes.  I used to love flying but now that planes have become sardine cans where they pack you in a tightly as possible with no seat or leg space, it’s become something I avoid at any cost.  I’d much rather take a train, when possible.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that we’re remembering to do our “three things” every night as we go to bed.  We take the time out to think of three things that were special or brought a smile to our faces that day.  Sometimes Cee and I have the same list, and sometimes they differ, but either way, it’s great to go to sleep feeling good about the day.

I’m grateful for all the birds coming to my suet feeders, especially the warblers, juncos and chickadees.  I love to watch their energy and listen to their little peeps.

I’m looking forward to getting some good wool clogs for the winter and getting some yard work done as soon as this ridiculous cold snap leaves us.  I’m looking forward to some outdoor time.

By the way, the picture of Yaquina Head lighthouse (Newport, OR) at the top of this page refers to nothing in particular.  It’s just a beautiful shot to uplift your day.

Share Your World info and link:  Share Your World is a weekly challenge hosted by my spouse, Cee, at her photography blog. She started Share Your World years ago when she was running a number of challenges on a photography site similar to WordPress.  The majority of photographers are introverts, and they needed a way to get to know each other.  You don’t have to be a photographer to participate, though.  Grab the questions and give us your answers.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

11 thoughts on “Sharing My World – Week 46

    • 1 of those very rare times that I’m grateful to be small (5′ 3″ 112lbs) I can sit comfortably on all commercial plane seats, stuff my backpack under seat in front & still have leg room to cross & uncross legs. 😀

      • I can’t imagine what that would feel like. I once traveled with a 6’5″ co-worker. He had to sit sideways in an aisle seat with both legs sticking out into the aisle. He had to try and try and fold them up when someone needed to get by. Talk about miserable!

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