Back to the Past with a Revolution in Photography.

Anyone born in the last century (and I’m talking about the years starting in 19, not 18… just wanted to be clear because some of us still aren’t entirely up to date with such matters) can remember how photography used to be.  You’d put a roll of film in the camera then very carefully take staged photographs because photography cost money.  Most of us would then drive to a place that would open those magic canisters and after a number of days, usually a week, and you’d drive back to the store to pick up your negatives and prints.

Kids these days don’t know anything about such a backward world.  They grab a pic on their smart phone and it’s instantly zipping up into the cloud, landing in smart phones all over the globe.  screenshot_399

Now a clever company is releasing a revolutionary new app that allows you to take twenty-four pictures without seeing how they come out.  You have to wait an entire week for the prints to come back to you in the mail.  Can you imagine such a thing?

The app is called White Album (which reminds me of the Beatles, but that’s another discussion entirely) and is described as “a simple camera app for real, physical photos”.  The pictures you take with the app go directly to the company who prints them and sends them back to you in a white album, of course.  The prints are 4″ x 5″ on heavy satin paper, and cost $20 USD for twenty-four photos.  (International rates are available.)


The irony of it reminds me of the first time I watched a mounted police officer use his horse to pull over and ticket a driver of a sports car.  The horse stopping the horseless carriage.  Will kids really want to hold something physical in their hands?  And why couldn’t they just print their own photos out?  You can buy good photographic printers and paper and do it yourself.

Will the anticipation and surprise of waiting to see what you captured be something that the internet generation buys into?  Someone thought it was a good enough idea to create the app and I was amused enough by it to pass it on to you.  The modern disposable camera.  It’s brand new and cutting edge.  Enjoy!

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

10 thoughts on “Back to the Past with a Revolution in Photography.

  1. Oh those days when every photo counted! And they usually turned out crap anyway – especially in the seventies, with the early colour photos.
    I can’t see the White Album app being very successful. The e-generation want instant everything. And why bother with printed photos when you have an e-album chocker-block full of photos!
    I can see the day coming when there will be no records of any kind, no photos, correspondence, official data etc, because none of it will be printed, and if something happens to our e-hardware or software on a massive scale, then all will be lost.

  2. Interesting! Especially since I was just considering the purchase of a decent scanner in order to scan in all my old photos and all of my parents – the exact opposite of this app. On the other hand- I think it’s a good idea to print your favorites- it provides a physical record that would be lost to future generations should the cloud collapse.

  3. For that price, save them up and do a photo book! Funny how we discard ways of doing things, fashions, ideas – only to resurrect them down the road. History repeats itself.

  4. One of the major advantages of digital photography is the fact that I can take photos with impunity from different angles, in different lighting, etc., then tweak and edit the single best image of the lot. That’s the one you print. Seems like a pretty worthless app to me. 🙂

  5. The next thing you know somebody is going to put together all the stories you can read for free on the Internet, print them on paper, make you wait until the next morning, charge you a fee and deliver it to your doorstep. They’ll call the new app the newspaper. What do you think?

    Seriously, though, the photo app of which you write might be a good tool for one generation that’s gotten the hang of the Smart Phone camera but has never let go of the love of the satin hard copy photo and ease of having somebody else print it up for you, and another generation that’s enjoyed seeing their parents and grandparents in these old scrapbooks and might want their own turn without taking the printing steps themselves.

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