We Are The World

I can’t remember what was going on in my world in 1985.  A lot of distractions, evidently, because I didn’t know about the release of a song called “We Are The World”.  I vaguely remember hearing it and liking the song, but didn’t know the story behind it.  For those of you who were also distracted, lived other places, or who weren’t born yet, the song was a project dreamed up by Lionel Richie with Michael Jackson collaborating.  They gathered American performing artists and recorded the song to raise funds for famine relief in Africa.  I would love to have been there that evening.  The energy in the room must have been electrifying.

Here is the recording, to uplift your day.  Following the video is another, the hour long documentary of the making of the song.  If you don’t have time for that, but want to read up on it, you can check out the USA Today article with some interesting trivia, and the list of performers.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

11 thoughts on “We Are The World

  1. I was in 5th grade. Me and my friends used to sing it on the playground during recess and lunch. All pretending to be someone famous. I was Cyndi Lauper.

    Thank you for posting this. Beautiful song, beautiful story and beautiful cause. Made me happy, just hearing it again.

  2. Before this, Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and a whole bunch of British musicians calling themselves Bandaid recorded ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’ as a fund and awareness raiser of the famine in Ethiopia. It started a flood of celebrity recordings for charity. Here’s the Bandaid link — which i prefer http://youtu.be/bjQzJAKxTrE

    • There have been a lot of different songs and concerts over the years. I think it’s fabulous any time people will donate their talent and time to things like this. Thanks for sharing an effort from across the pond.

      • So do I. The songs are often cheesy, but the spirit and sentiment behind them seems to shine through. The BBC does an annual song for the charity Children in Need; these are my favs!

  3. thanks for this flashback – whew – wow Chris – I do not have time to see the doc – but the song not only made my day – it made me think of a few dear friends – and I remember a few things about that time in my life – truly a flashback post! and what a meaningful song – good day to you and thx

    • I haven’t taken the time to watch the documentary, either, but I want to. I think it will be interesting and make me feel good. Why is it so hard for us to make time for fun things?

      Glad you liked the flashback.

      • well it is cos we are busy – and sometimes finding time is a good thing, right? But if we never hget the stuff in – well then there is maybe a bit of doing too much – lol
        but I agree – I bet it will be good – and I love seeing footage and the process behind things at times… 🙂

  4. I remember it, – very emotional and uplifting. I was working at a school and all the kids loved to sing along. Thank you. And the documentary is well worth watching too.

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