My Real Life Heroes

heroI met two real life heroes yesterday and I never learned their names.  I want to thank them, even if it’s in this little piece of cyberspace.

I was in Portland for an appointment, and was walking in the rain when I slipped on a metal plate on the sidewalk. I fell hard and was unable to get up. I have a knee the Army rebuilt during the Vietnam War. That’s to say I’m no spring chicken, and I’m not a fly weight, either.  Getting up was serious business.  My other knee was already swelling. The rain was falling and I was sitting in a puddle feeling very helpless, holding my knee, crying and rocking back and forth with the pain.

A woman came toward me and I called out for help. She hesitated, then ducked her head deeper under her umbrella, scurried across the street and ran away from me, clearly frightened.

Two teenagers came walking down the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road, chatting away.  I called out to them.  They didn’t hesitate.  They ran across the street to help.  One had his arm in a sling, but together they got me on my feet and gingerly taking a few steps. Once they saw I was okay, they were on their way before I had even learned their names.

Whoever you were, thank you for coming to the aid of a hurting woman crying in the rain.  You are my heroes. May many blessings always be with you in your lives. May there always be a hero near by when you need one.

Hi.  I’m Chris.  I’m an introvert.  All of my postings tend to reflect my introvert world in some way or another.  Join me and like minded introverts for a special slant on the world.

19 thoughts on “My Real Life Heroes

  1. I think that all too often teenagers get a bad rap for being self-centred, irresponsible, etc, etc … but in times like this, they are often the first to stop and provide help. I’m glad they were there for you.

  2. What a beautiful story! A renewed and restored faith in humanity…if only for a moment! Who says today’s youth are irresponsible? Not me! Not you! I’m so glad they came to your rescue. They earned their angel wings yesterday…
    I hope your knee is feeling better and that you’ll be walking with a bounce in your step in no time! Thanks for sharing your story with us. It brightened my mood even…

  3. My mother was always leery of teenagers. What she didn’t realize is that even though they appear to be in their own world and oblivious to what goes on around them if you call to them and ask for help most of them are more than happy to lend a helping hand. I’m glad that you’re okay. I fell recently while skiing with some of my students and they were more than happy to help me up. The only part of me that was hurt was my pride but I continued to ski and didn’t fall again.

  4. Hi Chris, firstly I hope you are okay from the shock of such a fall and that your knees will heal quickly. The good samaritan isn’t always the one we expect them to be. I have faith in the next generation. Love posts like this one 🙂

  5. Ironic that it was the teens that came to your aid rather than the lady as one might expect. Sounds like those kids were raised right (tho one must wonder who was the “kid” in this, the teens or the lady.

    • It was interesting to watch her do the mental math and freak out. I’m trying not to judge her. She couldn’t have helped get me to my feet but she could have taken a moment to check to see if I were okay. You never know what’s in someone’s heart, though. Maybe her own mother fell, broke her hip and died from it and I triggered a lot of grief in her.

  6. I love stories about acts of random kindness and I’m glad you shared this with us. People can be incredibly kind but we don’t always realize it. Glad it turned out okay.


    • Thanks, Nancy. It was such a “random act of kindness” that I just had to pass it along. I wish I could have bought them a pizza or something. They were great kids.

  7. So sorry you had the fall and hurt yourself. It is amazing how often help comes from where you might least expect it to. Wonderful to hear that the teenagers were quick to help you. Thanks for telling us about a lovely act of kindness.
    I do hope you mend quickly.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better now. Thanks for sharing this; teenagers (especially boys) get such bad press, but in all my dealings with my son and his friends, I’ve found them to be unfailingly polite, compassionate and generally quite gentle souls.

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