Full Moon Twitchies

image03:09 a.m.  I’m up early today.  It’s the full moon and I’m feeling restless and twitchy.  I’ve learned just to give in to that.  Go with the flow.  If my body and mind are awake, get up.

05:40:  We’re getting close to sun rise in my part of the world.  Not that you’d know it from looking out the window.  We have a heavy cloud cover that’s blocking the emerging sunlight.  It’s a mild 60 degrees outside.  We’re having a cooler summer, which I’m loving after a couple of years of record highs.  As the rest of the US moves into deadly heat and triple digits, we’re only going to the upper 70s and low 80s.  Perfect weather as the dahlias come into bloom.  This is Cee’s favorite time of year.  She’ll be spending time at Swan Island Dahlias soon, capturing beauty that she loves to share in her Flower of the Day posts.

But back to the full moon.  I’ve never bothered to pay attention to the moon cycles before I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.  A full moon is very yang, the essence of male energy.  It’s strong, moving, physical, and loud in my body.  Since this is the last full moon of the summer, and summer is the most yang of the months with its heat, I’m feeling the full moon more than usual, I think.

Does it sound like superstition?  Maybe to you.  There are plenty of myths and practices concerning the full moon that are millennia old.  Police, firemen and hospital workers have their own tales of the full moon’s effect on people.  I never used to pay attention to such things until I started listening more to my body, and in particular to my sleep patterns.  I noticed that I would wake up a few hours early on a full moon, feeling really jazzed with my head going a mile a minute.  I’d search for the source of my active mind, but could never pinpoint anything.   I used to try to go back to sleep, but that’s never possible, it seems.  So I give in, get up, and then schedule my day with a power nap during lunch time.

I try to control the twitchies during the day.  You know what they feel like.  When you just get impatient with everyone and everything.  When you can’t sit or stand still.  When your mind jumps from subject to subject, never focusing on anything in particular.  That’s me on a full moon, just a twitchy mess of emotion and extra energy, like a kid hyped up on too much Halloween candy.  I used to try to force myself to focus but now I just let myself go and worry about being productive tomorrow.  I try to stay low key and not tackle any new projects.  If I send out email, I double check it because I know I’m less patient than normal and can say things that are a little too blunt.

So that’s my full moon saga.  How about you?  Do you feel the effects of the full moon?  Or doesn’t the full moon affect you?

6 thoughts on “Full Moon Twitchies

  1. I woke up at 5:00 this morning, mind racing about things that really don’t need attention at that time of day. This happens occasionally, but I’ve never paid attention to the moon cycles. Perhaps I should do that in future.

  2. Within a day or two of a Full Moon rising I become super active. I dream in color more during this time, and the story lines of those dreams become pretty complicated. In the last two days I have totally redone my creative corner in the den: fresh notebooks for my Morning Pages, a large framed cork board to use as changeable vision board, I also spent a good part of yesterday and today furiously free-writing – there is so much going on in my head. I have been working on She Who Blogs since yesterday afternoon – I hope to have it completed today. In addition I am revived my artist dates blog – putting the first post up tonight. I love my monthly Full Moon whirl. Not a lot of bloggers I know post about the Moon – was so glad to find this post this morning. Sending good vibes to you and yours.

    • Wow, you do a great job of being productive with it. I’ll have to try to follow your example. Maybe make a list of things to do on the full moon to use up some of that extra energy. Thanks for writing all of that. It’s given me food for thought.

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