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imageOne of the fun things that happened to me this past year was being interviewed by Frances at She Who Blogs.  Frances is busy having meaningful conversations with other bloggers, and she came to know me through Cee’s photography blog and my journaling blog.

Her questions were fun and insightful.  She made me think, and thinking is one of my favorite hobbies.  I told her she should offer this as a service and charge money for it.  I was surprised with some of my responses.  Things came out of my head that hadn’t found a voice otherwise.

imageSeriously, you should ask her to interview you.  I guarantee it will be a wonderful experience.  Or ask for help writing your About page.  I bet she’d be wonderful with that, too.

I had to return the favor and ask Frances how she came to enjoy interviewing people.  Here is her answer:

Chris asked me how I come up with my interview questions.

And I thought and thought about it.

I was raised in a household of TV fanatics. There was a set in every room but the bath and kitchen. The TV in the living room went on first thing in the morning, and stayed on till my father went to bed around 2 am. Grandma loved soap operas and variety shows, my father, uncle, and younger brother anything with gunfire or explosions.

I loved talk shows; especially Tom Syder’s Tomorrow show (1973-1982). He asked real questions with no apologies. He had a way of connecting with his guests, drawing them out, and I rarely missed an episode from age 12 -20. Picture it. A twelve year old who wanted to stay up past midnight to watch a talk show.

During my mid-thirties I did some work in local politics. I had the opportunity to be part of a committee that interviewed local politicians. During my first sessions I did a lot of listening and asked a few questions; then I began to ask a lot of questions. I made sure I read each candidate’s brochures and media package from cover to cover.

I asked Cee for an interview after I read her about and related stories, and checked out your link. I could not believe I had been going to Cee’s site for that length of time and hadn’t read her about. I am now in the process of reading the abouts of all my favorite bloggers, and new one’s I run across by way of their blogrolls.

I have threatened off and on over the last few years to do an Internet radio show. I even opened an account – unused for several years – at one popular site. This might be the year Chris – you and Cee could be guests 😉

Thanks, Frances, for a fun experience.  I’d be happy to be on your radio show any time.

3 thoughts on “Get Interviewed

  1. LoL the last thing I expected first thing in the morning! It’s like finding yourself on the front page. Interviewing you and Cee was awesome. And I love your newly re-opened blog 61 Musings. I have been thoroughly enjoying going through your past posts – especially the one about Cunningham the photographer. I watched that documentary on Netflix twice in one day. I totally understand why he does what he does. When they get to the part about where he provided photos for free for a certain project I wept. I also had the pleasure of exchanging a wave and smile with him. It was at a restaurant near the Port Authority bus station in NYC. I was having a snack and chat with a dear friend who happens to work in fashion. I spotted him at the counter, and alerted her. I am not one for approaching celebs, but I wanted to talk to him. She warned me that he was not always open to it. But I had to connect. As he wanted past our table I smiled and raised my hand in a tiny wave. Just a flutter of fingertips. He smiled – so warmly – at me as he exited the restaurant. We were by a window. When he got outside he leaned down and looked at me directly through the window, smiled and did his own wave right at me. My eyes filled with tears. My friend was happy I got my wish. May you and Cee get all of yours!

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