My Best Advice to You

imageHere’s the best advice that I have to offer you:  TAKE A NAP.  I have become a power napping junkie.  I’m completely addicted.  I’ve always been fond of napping on a lazy Saturday when I found myself reading with my eyes closed, but during my year of searching I’ve become a power napping expert.  As you can see, I’ve learned from the best.  There’s nothing like a cat to teach you about napping.

Cee (my better half) started napping during the middle of the day to help in her healing process. I would stay my normal Type A can’t-stop-while-I’m-working personality, then fall asleep after dinner. She finally convinced me that power napping should become my new exercise routine. After a year of doing it, I can say that I’m convinced. I’m alert during the second half of my day, and easily manage to stay awake until bedtime. That gives me a longer day to enjoy. I feel physically and emotionally stronger, too.  I think I even sleep better at night.

As for the length of a nap, but I prefer 30 – 45 minutes.  A 20 power minute nap can be quite beneficial, too.  I always try to work a nap in between the hours of 11:00 a.m.and 1:00 p.m., because that is when the heart meridian is at “high tide” according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I shut everything else down to let the heart work at its greatest efficiency.  If I can’t get my nap in during that time, I’ll take a short nap right after work, just to give me more energy to enjoy my evening.

imageI wear this amazing sleep mask that I found on Amazon.  It’s incredible, so lightweight that you don’t know you’re wearing it, and really blocks out the light.  It does freak out my cat Charlie, though.   (He’s the big white and ginger guy on the right.). He’ll stand on my chest until I lift it up enough that he can see my eyes.  After that he’s content to curl up on my lap and I can lower it back down again.  I don’t know what that’s all about, but I just thought I’d mention it.  Full disclosure here, folks.

imageSo if you look in on our household during the middle of the day, you’ll find Cee and I in our recliners with our feet up.  I’ll have the cats on my lap and Cee will have our pug on hers.

How about you?  Have you discovered the benefits of power napping yet?  It’s healing, I guarantee it.  Give it a try.

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