Morning – August 1st

image Normally I don’t take pictures of creepy, crawling things, but Monday morning for me means taking the trash and recycling bins out to the curb.  (Yes, I know I can do that Sunday evening but I can’t seem to get motivated to do it after a busy weekend.)

As I was taking the yard waste out, I saw two of these little guys on the lid.  I don’t think they got up there with the intention of a suicidal roller coaster ride to the back of a dump truck, so I carefully relocated them to something greener and friendlier.  Before I did that, though, I noticed how far they had come.  What a journey!  All the way up that huge bin, navigating over the wheels, across the axle to where that met the plastic of the bin, then a long, long climb to the top.  It must have been the snail equivalent of climbing Mount Everest.  Then when they finally reached the top, they left a wandering trail in the morning dew.  Such tenacity.  What were they searching for?  Warmth, certainly.  Food, probably.  Or were they just adventurers, looking to see what was on the other side of the mountain?  To go where no snail had gone before?

I’m sure there is an inspirational message somewhere in all of this, but I’m just enjoying the sensation of being mindful and seeing a bit of my world that I would normally have rushed by. Or is that the inspirational message, to see even the smallest of things, and in doing so you’ll expand your world?

Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “Morning – August 1st

  1. To go where no snail has gone! Ha! Very fun –
    Side note – I know a few folks who despise these slimy creatures – in fact; some folks have noted how they can be disease carrying and can infect vegetation / some carry certain parasites that are not so good for humans – and think the episode of “monsters inside me” showed a young man all sick with pathogens – and it was from beets that were not cleaned – I think it was snail related – it was a while ago – but have heard others note how snails harbor stuff…
    Now back to your fun and lighter vibe of this post – very nice of you to be kind to them! 😉

    • Wow, I hadn’t expected that response. I don’t normally like snails because they do make a mess, but I felt compassionate this morning. And I washed my hands really well when I came back inside. I can’t imagine eating such animals. Escargot, not for me.

  2. I am so glad you relocated them to a safe place. Four years ago my husband and I were walking down a street in Manhattan and found a huge black and white spotted slug. Who knows why he left the safety of the park. We found a piece of cardboard and put him or her safely under a shady tree. Guess we both earned some good Karma points. Peace.

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