She’s Always Mean

imageI was waiting in a slow moving line at the local fast food drive-thru the other day, listening to people as they placed their orders.  The woman in front of me asked for special changes to her order and drove on to the payment window.  I snaked along behind her, pulling up at the take-out window as she drove away.  The teenage girl working there said to her male co-worker, “You know who that is, don’t you?  That’s the lady who makes all those beautiful soaps.  You know, she sells them all over town and at the farmers market.”  I could hear the admiration and desire in her voice as she talked about the custom soap.  Clearly, this young lady was a fan.  But then her voice changed.  “She’s always mean.  Always.”

I was stunned, both by the comment and by the pained tone in the teenager’s voice.  She sounded so sad.  I could tell she’d been the object of the woman’s wrath.

I wonder what the woman, the one who made such beautiful soap, would think if she had heard that description of herself.  “Always mean.  Always.”  Would it change how she approached people?  Would it matter to her?  Would she be ashamed?  Or shocked?

It made me wonder how people talk about me.  I hope I fare better than that.  We always leave an impression, don’t we?  Let’s make sure it’s a good one.

(When I chose a picture to go with this post, I tried to find one on Google that would look pretty but not show any brand or company name.  I’ve never seen the woman, nor the soap she makes.  This is a generic picture.  I am intrigued enough that I might head out  to the farmers market on Saturday, though!)


9 thoughts on “She’s Always Mean

  1. I wonder about how people talk about me, too. I will admit it, sometimes someone does something that triggers a crank-itude. But, sometimes when I am in a lot of pain, I look like I am mad. Folks confuse pain for anger, which sometimes does lead to anger. I don’t know how to do that happy, happy, joy, joy thing when I am in tremendous pain.

    All I can do is all that I can do and hopefully people will be able to offer grace when I slip. Because I don’t want to be mean.

    Have fun at the farmer’s market!

  2. That’s something to think about! I’ve read that we get the face that matches our inner selves as we age. Not sure about that, but I have seen some faces lined with potential anger. And worry, stress, illness. Be careful at the farmers’ market!

  3. Aw! I feel bad for the teenager who obviously looked up to the lady who made soap. It’s so sad that SL (soap lady) is always mean to her. I wonder what SL is thinking as she goes through the drive through? Is she intentionally being mean? Is she distracted? Is the teenager taking the commentary too much to heart? Or is SL actually mean? And, like you, I wonder if she would correct this behavior if she knew how she was coming across?

    At least you managed to glean something from this experience. Not everyone would. And not everyone would write about it on their blog and encourage readers/followers to also think twice before acting. Good for you! 🙂

    As an aside, something that was pointed out to me that you should also be aware of, as a blogger, is that posting images from google without the image owner’s permission can get you sued. Consider checking out this site (not mine) for more info and where to get images for free. I’d hate to see such a nice person (you! aww!) get sued for making an honest mistake without realizing it (posting someone else’s images without permission).

  4. I sometimes wonder what some of my more-distant co-workers think about me. The ones I don’t know that well and only say hello to. I always hope they think I’m nice and someone they’d be happy to work with. But who knows?

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