Nurturing Thursdays – 4 August


Here is my contribution to  Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursdays.

I usually try to put up something more polished, more professional looking, but this shot of an active volcano in Hawaii was too good to pass by.  How often do we get to see Mother Nature smiling at us?  It only lasted a couple of minutes before the mouth circled up to meet the eyes, but a few minutes was all it took to get it captured on film

Isn’t it fun to see this face smiling up at us in the middle of such primal change?  The earth keeps shifting, growing, never standing still.  And somehow, in the midst of upheaval, it can still manage to smile, if only briefly.  I think there might be a life lesson there for us.

May you find a way to smile, if only briefly, during life’s ever changing renewal.
May you remember that every thing is temporary.
May you find strength in Nature’s lessons.
May you always, always find peace.


(Photo by Paradise Helicopters.)

8 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursdays – 4 August

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