Nurturing Thursdays – 1 September


Here is my contribution to  Becca Givens’ Nurturing Thursdays.

I find that I’m in an adventure phase of my life right now.  I think we all need a little adventure in our lives.  It can be as big as traveling half way around the world, or as simple as reading a book that opens us up to new ideas.

May your life take you on splendid adventures.
May you discover your passions and loves.
May you gather up the missing pieces of yourself.
May you find yourself whole.


6 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursdays – 1 September

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  2. Exactly what I needed to read today as I sit at my desk and think about “the next steps”
    Daughter and I are off for a day trip Providence, RI tomorrow. Wish you and Cee could be along.

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