Share Your World 39

It’s time for Cee’s Share Your World Week 39.  How did it get this late in the year?  You can smell fall in the air, can’t you?  Here are my answers to the delightful questions posed by the great kids at The Happy Quitter’s blog.


  1. A class you wish you would have taken?  I wish I could have taken Mandarin Chinese when I was a child.  The US didn’t have a relationship with China then, so you didn’t see much about Chinese classes outside of the military.  Now that I’m studying qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, a knowledge of the language and culture would be nice.
  2. What’s your favorite comic figure and why?  The Roadrunner.  He just goes through life, minding his own business and being happy.  You always see him with a smile on his face.  When he’s threatened by Wiley Coyote, he never loses his cool.  He just turns the coyote’s badness around and sends it back to him.
  3. Name something you wish you could like.  Food that is good for me, like brussels sprouts and salmon.
  4. Tell me about your first crush / first date / first kiss.  I never kiss and tell!
  5. Who was your best friend when you were 10?  Mary Lou Million.  She lived down the road from us and was an only child, but I had to share a bedroom with TWO sisters.  I had two brothers, too.  Being an only child seemed so cool.
  6. What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?  I’m a Scorpio.  I don’t believe in it, but parts of it are fun, like the traits of the different signs.  Scorpios are really secretive, but not quite as deadly as some people believe.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that Mac, our little pug, is doing better.  She tried to jump out of our truck, which is pretty high up for a short-legged thing like a pug, and fell right on her head.  The doctor gave her some muscle relaxants because she was having muscle spasms, and she’s back to being her normal self.

I’m looking forward to finally getting rid of my cold so that I can get outside and get the house and yard ready for the rain to start.

I’m sending a special “thank you” to the kids who came up with all these great questions.  I can’t wait to see what’s on next week’s list.


4 thoughts on “Share Your World 39

  1. I always like the Roadrunner, too. I wish I could be more like him, just running along being happy no matter what comes my way. That would be great.

    I am glad that Mac is okay. Falling on one’s head is no fun.

    Have a blessed day.

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