Free or Cheap eBooks

bookbubI just learned about Book Bub, the service that sends you a friendly email every day listing free or cheap ebooks according to criteria you select.  It’s been around since 2012, but I’m only now learning about it.  For those of you knew about it and who haven’t shared this knowledge, why not?  This is just the best thing going!

My categories have brought me the first volume of Harry Truman’s memoirs (who knew peace would be so expensive?), a couple cozy mystery authors new to me (and my favorite author, Nancy Atherton, is giving away her first Aunt Dimity book today), “The Gentle Tamers” by Dee Brown (about American pioneer women).  The specials don’t hang around long, sometimes only a day, but you can pick up some real gems just by checking your email.

If you like to read electronically, then this service is for you.  It’s free to sign up.  Have fun with it!

9 thoughts on “Free or Cheap eBooks

    • I know what you mean, Carol. I saw Anne Tyler come up and have always meant to read one of her books but since I don’t really read fiction (except my cozy mysteries) I never got around to it. I tried “The Accidental Tourist” and loved how she can get you so hooked into a main character who you would never like had you met him on the street.
      It’s just fun exploring!

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